Review: Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

Tweet Cute

*We received this book in exchange for an honest review.*

Pepper’s mother owns a fast-food chain called Big League Burger. It used to be a mom and pop place in Nashville, but when it got popular, it expanded throughout the country, leading to Pepper and her mom trading in country life for the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Jack attends the same fancy private school as Pepper, but he doesn’t have the same money as his classmates. His twin Ethan, mom, dad and grandma, all run a deli called Girl Cheesing in the East Village. They are famous for their Grandma’s special grilled cheese sandwiches.

One day Jack wakes up to find out that Big League Burger stole Girl Cheesing’s special grilled cheese recipe. Out of anger, he starts a Twitter war with Big League Burger. Big League Burger replies instantly, starting a back and forth that gains national attention through its thousands of retweets. Little does Jack know that his classmate, Pepper, is behind most of the criticizing tweets.

At the same time, since Pepper is on the swim team and Jack is on the dive team, the two find their lives intertwined. The two end up realizing quickly that the other is behind the tweets and they agree to keep things as civil as possible. Except, Pepper’s mother keeps trying to be hostile. Plus, the internet found out who the two people behind the accounts are and it seems the whole country starts shipping Jack and Pepper. Will these two be able to start a real relationship, or will the conflict between their parents over business and a twitter war cause an irrevocable rift?

We had high expectations going into this. The summary sounded cute and the reviews so far have been great. But we were left disappointed. This book can be described best as cheesy (pun not intended). First of all, their names are Pepper and Jack (pepperjack cheese) and the war is over a grilled cheeses recipe. Second, Pepper’s mom was the worst! She wanted her daughter to forgo school responsibilities to tweet for her company, when she has a hired social media team. Third, there wasn’t a ton of character development. We didn’t feel like we got a sense of who Pepper was. She liked making dessert and was described as a constant over-achiever, but she lacked depth.

However, we did like Jack’s character a lot and his point of view was much more interesting to read. He felt his family had his life planned for him by wanting him to take over the Deli. Plus, he struggled with having a popular identical twin, who everyone mistook him for. He had to work hard to be seen as an individual.

Overall, this was a fun and lighthearted story, but don’t expect any plot twists or tons of swoonworthy chemistry. It’s a quick read with a decent ending that resolves everything. Tweet Cute will be released on January 21, 2020. 

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐/⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

22 thoughts on “Review: Tweet Cute by Emma Lord”

  1. I don’t know how I would feel reading this book. The cover is super pretty but I hate when books are just too cheesy or ones that leave you wanting more.

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  2. This sounds like such a cute and interesting book especially with the add on of a twitter feud (how much more current could it get haha!) it does sound like a cute cheesy book. So sad to hear that character development and twists and turns were lacking a bit in the book but, at least the ending resolves everything and there aren’t any loose ends!

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  3. It sounds like a cute, quick read if you just want to escape from anything heavier for a little while. It’s unfortunate that they fell short on the character development though, that’s one of my big ‘must haves’ for a good read.

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  4. I saw this one on NetGalley and debated requesting it but after reading your review, I think I’m glad I didn’t. I think I would have shared your frustrations with the characterisations.

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