Our Blogging and Reading Goals for 2020

1. Read 50 YA books

While we wish we could read even more, 50 sounds like a realistic goal for us in 2020. We already have a list of books we plan to read in 2020, and we track our progress through Goodreads. If you have an account, be sure to send us a friend request or follow us!

2. Post at least twice a week

We want to get into the habit of posting to this blog twice every week. You’ll find a mix of book reviews, fun lists, author interviews and more. 

3. Get more active on Pinterest and Instagram

Many book bloggers say that both platforms help grow their following. On Instagram we want to start posting an image for every book club book! If you’re on Instagram, comment your bookish handle below and we will follow you. Also, follow us on Pinterest!  

4. Increase blog followers

We want to produce more engaging content that resonates with our ideal demographic: YA book lovers! If this translates into more followers– even better. We really want to increase our engagement with followers this year and would love to hear your ideas on new ways we can engage with you all (any posts you’d be interested in us doing, etc.)

5. Interact with more book bloggers

It’s always fun to interact with fellow book nerds! We hope to engage more with book bloggers on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to mutually support each other– particularly newer blogs. Everyone has to start somewhere! 

6. Gain a more active Twitter audience 

One of the best parts of blogging is interacting with people on Twitter. It’s a great platform for discussing mutual interests and discovering new books, trends, etc. We hope to earn more followers (and friends!) in 2020. 

7. Interact with more publishing houses and authors

The opportunity to interview Maggie Hall, one of our favorite authors, in 2019 was amazing! We’d love to reach out– and hopefully partner with– another 5 this year. We’d also love to branch out and interact more with publishing houses, including some of our favorites, to help us grow in 2020. 

Let us know your blogging goals in 2020 and how we can help!

16 thoughts on “Our Blogging and Reading Goals for 2020”

  1. Great goals! I still haven’t found how Pinterest can help you gain followers. I am trying to stay on track with being active and engaging with other bloggers. I’m trying to find a routine to it. Good luck with your 2020 goals

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  2. Nice goals. I set my Goodreads to 50 as well. I sent a friend request over there. I’m Louise-Andree (louiseareads). And I’ve been following you on Instagram for a couple days under @louiseareads. I think the goals you’ve set yourself are pretty achievable. It’s just a matter of working for them to happen. I need to do the same with the blog and all socials.

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  3. Great goals! I recently posted about my blog goals. Similar things, we both want to grow our followers and post dependably. I didn’t give it a number, but I also want to read more books this year.

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  4. These are fantastic goals – best of luck with them. Mine are quite generic in terms of growing in regards to engagement, I should probably be more specific the way you have, aha! Great post.

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