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June 2020 Book Club: Break the Fall by Jennifer Iacopelli Break the Fall (9780593114179): Iacopelli, Jennifer: Books

The Book

Break the Fall was released on February 18, 2020. It’s been on our radar for months!

Why did we pick this book?

This book is about the competitive world of Gymnastics, our favorite Olympic sport. The description gave us Make it Or Break it vibes, but more mature. We’ve had so many other books to read so far in 2020 and we thought it was time to finally give this book a shot. Plus, it has great reviews!

What is this book about?

Audrey Lee just made the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Team! A year ago she had major surgery and couldn’t even do a cartwheel. Now, it seems her dreams of competing at the top level have finally been realized. But, the pressure is on and some shocking news threatens to ruin her team. Plus, a forbidden romance makes everything more difficult. Audrey has to decide if all of constant stress and unbelievable pressure is worth taking home Olympic Gold.

What other YA books has this author written?

Iacopelli wrote the Outer Banks Tennis Academy series.

22 thoughts on “June 2020 Book Club: Break the Fall by Jennifer Iacopelli”

  1. Ummm….Make it or Break it vibes AND a forbidden romance? Count me in! Thank you for posting this because I am going to need to check this one out.

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