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November 2020 Book Club: Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco

Kingdom of the Wicked: 9781529350456: Books

The Book

Kingdom of the Wicked was released October 27, 2020.

Why did we pick this book?

We loved Kerri Maniscalco’s past YA books, so we jumped at the chance to read her latest. Kingdom of the Wicked is a historical fantasy set in early 20th century Italy. It also has a murder mystery aspect. We cannot wait to see how Maniscalco surprises us.

We’ll be discussing this at our virtual YA book club with Bards Alley on November 23rd at 7pm EDT. Find more information here! We’d love to meet more YA readers. If you’re interested, email Leah at She will send you the Zoom information.

What is this book about?

Emilia and Vittoria are witches who live among normal humans in Italy. One night Vittoria’s body is found and Emilia decides she will do anything to avenge her sister. Step 1: What kind of dangerous magic was Vittoria involved in?

Soon after, Emilia meets Wrath, one of the seven Wicked princes of Hell. While he claims to want to help Emilia, her grandmother warned her against the Wicked her whole life. Emilia has to make choices and sacrifices to learn the truth about her sister and to prevent the deaths of more young witches.

What other YA books has this author written?

Maniscalco wrote the best-selling Stalking Jack the Ripper series. It’s one of our favorites!

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