January 2021 Book Haul

Welcome to a new series on our blog, where we spill all of our recent book purchases. Claire is going to start us off with her latest purchases since Christy is in the midst of reading her Christmas presents and has been on a no-buy. 

Let’s get started!

I should start off by saying that a new year brings a new Goodreads goal, and I am determined to get to 50 books. I had to start off 2021 with a bang (sorry bank account!). So, what books have I bought so far this year? Keep on reading to gather some *bookspo* (book + inspo…ha..get it?). Moving on…

1. Killing November by Adriana Mather


Christy read Killing November and has been trying to get me to pull the trigger for months. Well, friends, January was the month I finally succumbed to the peer pressure. Here’s our full review of the book. I freaking LOVED it— the romance, the plot, the characters. EVERYTHING! The hype was real and I cannot wait to read book 2, which leads me to my next purchase…

2. Hunting November by Adriana Mather

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Christy got this book for Christmas and just finished it. I literally purchased it on Amazon Prime while only halfway through the first because I was instantly hooked. Secret societies and assassins are the key to my heart, so I needed this book ASAFP. I cannot wait to devour it so that we can get our review on the blog soon. 

3. A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson


Full disclosure: I was majorly late to this party. Christy and all of YA bookstagram has been raving about this book for forever and I had major FOMO. This was another book that Christy has already read, so linking our review here. THAT ENDING THOUGH! Definitely one of the best YA mysteries I’ve ever read and I cannot wait to read Good Girl, Bad Blood (book 2) in March when it is released in the United States.

4. The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes 


This book is pitched for fans of One of Us is Lying and Knives Out, both of which I am obsessed with, so naturally I had to purchase this book. Christy also received this book for Christmas. I don’t know if you can see a trend here, but I am majorly into YA thrillers/mysteries right now. This book is about a seventeen year old named Avery Grambs, who mysteriously inherits the fortune from a billionaire and is forced to move into his estate with his family. Drama and intrigue ensues. I’ve read Barnes’s books before and enjoyed them, so I am hoping this lives up to the hype! 

5. The Silence of Bones by June Hur 


The Silence of Bones is set in 1800 Korea. Sixteen-year-old Seol is indentured to the police bureau and is tasked with helping a young inspector with an investigation into the death of a noblewoman. This book has been getting really good reviews and I was intrigued by the setting (I enjoy reading about Korean history and culture), especially since this part of the world is underrepresented in the YA space. And of course, this is a thriller so it was only a matter of time before it fell into my shopping cart…

6. These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong


These Violent Delights is all over YA TikTok right now for its amazing enemies-to-lovers trope. The book is pitched as a retelling of Romeo and Juliet set in 1920s Shanghai. Enemies-to-lovers is my favorite YA romance trope. Add in rival gangs and monsters and I was sold. Keep an eye out for a review on the blog! 

7. Row by Sarah Mello 

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We had the opportunity to read the first chapter of Row last year and we were drawn in by the story and mystery aspect. See our mini-review here. Mello is one of my favorite authors (I am obsessed with her Westcott High series), so I wanted to show my support and order the paperback. It should be here soon and I cannot wait to read! 

Let us know what books you’ve bought so far in 2021! 

20 thoughts on “January 2021 Book Haul”

  1. I’ve only heard of two of these, but I’m hopeful you enjoy ALL of them! I’m not a big fan of thrillers or anything frightening, so most of them aren’t my cup of tea, but I do have These Violent Delights on my TBR!

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  2. Lots of books here that I haven’t heard of that I definitely need to check out as I’ve gotten out of my reading slump lately. I’m really interested to read These Violent Delights! Right now I’ve been binge-reading YA Kpop stories since I recently became a Kpop fan. 😂

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