Review: Glimpsed by G.F. Miller Glimpsed (9781534471351): Miller, G.F.: Books

*We received this book in exchange for an honest review.* 

Charity is fairy godmother. When she gets a glimpse— a vision of someone’s one true desire— she makes it come true. With the help of some nudges (her magical touch) and her connections, she reunites parents, lands you the most popular guy at school, and makes you Homecoming Queen— well, sort of. When she glimpses Vindhya becoming homecoming queen, Charity embarks on mission to turn Jack London High School’s smartest girl into the most popular…in one week. But when it ends in disaster, Charity begins to questions her purpose as a fairy godmother. 

To make matters worse, the disgruntled ex of one of her Cindies (clients), is determined to expose Charity for destroying people’s lives (or so he thinks). In exchange for helping the adorkable Noah win back his ex, he will keep his mouth shut about Charity’s fairy godmother status. But along the way, they become allies, working together to understand how the glimpses and learning that maybe being a fairy godmother is more than it seems. Before long, they go from enemies to friends, to maybe something more. But rule number one is that the fairy godmother-Cindy relationship is strictly business, right? 

We’re going to admit off the bat that Glimpsed is one of the best books we’ve read in a long time. It had it all: humor, adorable romance, important themes, and a typical high school drama that leaves you entertained. 

Charity was an amazing protagonist and we loved her narration. She was witty and charming, but also had some issues she needed to work through. There was nothing one-dimensional about her and we enjoyed her evolution, both personally and romantically. We were glad she finally stood up for herself to her mom, who was basically absent for most of the book. Her relationship with her grandma was hilarious and we loved that she had zero filter. We’d love to be related to her! 

And omg NOAH! Noah was an amazing love interest. He was cute, nerdy, witty, and so incredibly charming. They hated each other from the minute they met, and their relationship had the makings of a swoonworthy hate-to-love trope. It did not disappoint! Our favorite parts of the book always involved Charity and Noah in some way. We were literally LOLing for a majority of the book. Their relationship made the story complete! And their grand gestures at the end left us swooning. 

The side characters were also great. We met all of Charity’s prior Cindies and got to know them all along the way. Our favorite was Sean, who pushed Charity to realize he’s always been there for her. Kudos to Noah for showing Charity that relationships are not transactional and can be meaningful. We’re glad she ended up communicating with her mom and forming genuine connections with her friends. 

We were so sad for the book to end but we loved every page! Glimpsed is the type of feel-good romcom that you re-read over and over. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up! 

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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