Book Club

March 2021 Book Club: Down Comes the night by Allison Saft


The Book

Down Comes the Night released today, March 2, 2021.

Why did we pick this book?

We picked this book because the story is pitched as a gothic, romantic fantasy about two enemies who are trapped together inside a crumbling mansion. The unique plot has us excited because we can’t think of a book we’ve read that is similar. Email us at to join us Sunday March 21st for book club!

What is this book about?

Wren Sutherland has been removed from the Queen’s Guard. When a letter arrives from a lord and asks her to stay at Colwick Hall, she can’t pass up the opportunity. But everything is not at it seems at the gothic mansion. Wren has to work with her enemy, Hal, to discover the secrets of the creepy estate. Everything is at stake, including their lives and the safety of their kingdom.

What other YA books have the authors written?

Down Comes the Night is Saft’s debut YA novel.

20 thoughts on “March 2021 Book Club: Down Comes the night by Allison Saft”

  1. Okay, this sounds SO fascinating! If I hadn’t already planned my entire month’s TBR in advance, I would totally join. I’ll still need to pick this up at some point though because it seems like a really cool plot. Have fun with book club!

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  2. This is the second time I’ve seen this book crop in the last couple of days! It sounds like a really spooky and gripping read – look forward to hearing your thoughts on it!

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  3. The concept sounds intriguing and prompts many questions in my mind about why she was removed, why is Hal her enemy, and what secrets does the gothic estate hold? Thank you for sharing, and I hope you enjoy the book club! 😊

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