Review: Row by Sarah Mello

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Cole Hensley can go Underwater, a protected place in his mind where he can escape his preternaturally heightened emotions after the death of his father. When Row Myers shows up at work looking for a job, the two grow close— until Cole realizes that Row is carrying a secret that is tearing her apart. Cole suggests Row create her own version of Underwater to escape from the world.  Cole tries to help Row fight her demons, but she is determined to go at it alone. 

When Row disappears from her senior class trip at Lake Laveer, Cole knows she didn’t drown. She couldn’t have— he had taught her how to swim, after all. So Cole transfers schools and teams up with Row’s best friends— Tripp and Mya— to figure out what really happened that night. Something isn’t adding up and Cole knows Row isn’t dead because he can still feel her presence. As secrets are revealed, Cole realizes that nothing is as it seems and the group unravels a conspiracy larger than they ever could’ve expected. 

We were sent the first chapter of this book months back and were dying to read the full book. Well friends, that day has come, and we LOVED this book. You all know we’re huge Westcott High fans. Well, Sarah Mello blew it out of the park again. Though both of her series have a mystery aspect, Row also has a touch of supernatural and we loved this spin! It was unexpected but it worked with this story. 

The book is told in the present after Row’s disappearance but features flashbacks to when Row and Cole first met. We are hardcore Row and Cole shippers. Their relationship was so sweet and their banter was A++. Both Cole and Row were super witty and we loved seeing their relationship blossom. 

Cole was a great MC and we loved how he seamlessly fit in with Mya and Tripp. They were a great detective trio, but more importantly, they all had distinct personalities and depth. Add in the typical popular kids— Asher, Luke, and Cam— and we had the perfect cast of characters for this YA book. 

And of course, the mystery was so well done, per Mello’s usual. We were drawn in from the beginning and were dying to know what happened to Row. And just when we thought we’d gotten answers, we were hit with that INSANE ENDING!!!!! WHY SARAH, WHY!! Please book gods, we need a second book— you cannot leave us with such a mind blowing ending like that, ha! 

Definitely pick up Row if you’re looking for your next YA mystery! And now…we *patiently* wait for book 2! 

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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