4th of July Book Tag

We found this tag on YA Page Turner and wanted to participate. Let us know your answers to these questions in the comments. Even though we’re two days late, Happy 4th of July!

1. Show three books you have already read, one red, one white and one blue:


Red: Blood & Honey by Shelby Mahurin. The cover of this book is gorgeous! We can’t wait to read the third book in this series, Gods & Monsters, out in July!

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White: Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum.  This YA contemporary is adorable and fun. If you need something light and fluffy for summer, check this one out.


Blue: Recommended For You by Laura Silverman. The book is set at a bookstore and we love it! This enemies to lovers YA romance had us laughing from page one.

2. A book with your favorite “rag-tag” band of revolutionaries:


The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau. The Testing series is one of the most underrated YA dystopian series. We like to pitch it as an intellectual version of The Hunger Games. After Cia and her friends realize what is going on in the capital, they need to fight back to save their lives and the lives of the other teens who will keep being tested every year. 

3. Show a book that takes place in one of the original 13 colonies:


Prep School Confidential by Kara Taylor (now Thomas). Set at a boarding school in Massachusetts, Anne’s roommate is killed the week Anne moves in with her. This spoiled rich girl goes from being angry about being sent away to focusing on solving the case. We love reading books set in New England and this trilogy is one of our favorites. 

4. Show a book that takes place in England:

56911959. sy475

London Prep is one of our favorite books set in England. This series has everything we love in YA contemporaries: a relatable MC, a swoonworthy romance and a European setting. Mallory James quickly falls in love with both London and the people. We can’t wait for book 5 in this series, which releases in October 2021! For more books set in London, check out our city guide. 

5. Time for Fireworks! What books would you say ends with a bang:

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While we haven’t posted a review for this book yet, Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Black ends with some intense action. Pip faced her most dangerous situation yet when trying to help her friend find his missing brother. Black went more intense that A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder and we seriously worried for Pip and the others. If only we had book 3!

6. Show three books you would like to read, one red, one white and one blue:


Red: Dry by Neal Shusterman. Shusterman is the king of world building. We enjoyed the Scythe and Unwind series and cannot wait to read another one of his dystopian books. 

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White: Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know by Samira Ahmed.  We liked Ahmed’s Love, Hate and Other Filters and cannot wait to read another one of her YA books.


Blue: Hot British Boyfriend by Kristy Boyce. We love the cover and description of the book. Ellie goes to England for a study abroad after being humiliated at a party.

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  1. Humbled with the books list! Really a great selection of books that are at another level with the quality stuff in them. Thanks a lot for sharing

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