Review: That Weekend by Kara Thomas

In case you missed it, earlier this week we interviewed Kara Thomas! Check out the interview and the GIVEAWAY for a signed copy of That Weekend. We’re accepting entries until Monday July 26th. All you need to do is comment on the previous blog post!


After a devastating breakup, Claire Keough plans to skip the prom and go away with her two best friends Kat Marcotte and Jesse Salpietro. Without telling their parents, the three sneak up to Kat’s parent’s house secluded in the mountains of Upstate New York.

But when Claire wakes up days later, she remembers nothing. Even worse, Kat and Jesse are missing. Between the stuck up classmates and the relentless press, everyone has a theory about what happened to Kat and Jesse…many of which include Claire.

As Claire’s memory comes back slowly after she returns to Long Island and she starts to dig into what really happened on the mountain, things are worse than she ever expected. And maybe her two closest friends weren’t who she thought they were. Told through the events of a year, Claire has to decide if knowing the truth is really worth it. 

There was a unanimous consensus from everyone in who participated in our July book club. We LOVED this young adult mystery book. That Weekend has everything from compelling characters, a suspenseful plot and morally ambiguous MCs. 

The book starts out with Claire’s point of view, but later on we get to see Kat before she went missing. For the most part everyone liked Claire, even when she made some tough decisions. While we all felt bad for Kat at times, wow did she get on our nerves. She was so selfish and basically used everyone in her life. Some of the things she did literally left us speechless. Jesse was the most complex character of the three. It took us until near the end to see where Thomas wanted to go with his character development. We couldn’t decide if what he did was redeemable or not. Sometimes we felt bad for his situation, other times we wanted to shake him.

The time frame had us excited. While it starts right after Claire is found alone in the mountains and injured, it eventually jumps to the winter to see how Claire is coping. We liked the time jump because it was essential to the mystery of the story. The story ended roughly one year after the main events to see what Claire did after everything.

However, we can’t spoil anything…even though we wish we could because THAT ENDING. So much happened in the last quarter of the book that made us stop and think wtf? All we’ll say is that Thomas does an amazing job of surprising the reader and weaving an intricate web. Even the last few pages had us wondering what these characters would do next. 

Overall, if you love mysteries, thrillers or suspense, pick up That Weekend immediately. Again, if you want to enter to win a signed copy, check out our previous blog post from Monday July 19th. 

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

28 thoughts on “Review: That Weekend by Kara Thomas”

  1. Okay, this sounds incredible – so much so that I just jumped on my library website to check. I’ve been making a point of making use of the library more as of late and much to my luck, they have one copy of That Weekend! I quickly put a hold on it so that I can check it out because this sounds like something that’s right up my alley. I LOVE a good mystery or thriller lol

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      1. It took a bit for the hold to pay off, had to wait for it to be available and apparently, there were a couple of people before me BUT I now have this book in my possession and can’t wait to dig into it!


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