Book Club

October 2021 Book Club: They’ll Never Catch Us by Jessica Goodman


The Book

They’ll Never Catch Us released on July 27, 2021.

Why did we pick this book?

It’s October, aka Halloween month! We searched our TBR for the perfect mystery/thriller book that would keep us guessing until the very end. As you can tell from the cover, this book promises to be dark and full of suspense. Email us at to join us Sunday October 17th for book club!

What is this book about?

Ellie and Stella Steckler don’t have much in common, except for cross-country. When Mila Keene moves to Edgewater, both Ellie and Stella know Mila can and will beat them. That’s why when Mila ends up missing, the detective looks right at the Steckler sisters. Years ago three cross-country girls wound up dead. To the town, it feels like the serial killer is back. But Stella and Ellie need to know the truth. The two have to work together to give Mila justice…and to clear their own names in the process.

What other YA books has the author written?

Goodman’s debut YA book They Wish They Were Us released in 2020.

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