Chloe Gong’s Pinterest Boards for Our Violent Ends

Hey everyone, we’re excited to feature a new style of blog post today. We were asked by Simon & Schuster to feature Chloe Gong’s Pinterest Boards in anticipation for the November 16, 2021 release of Our Violent Ends.

Regular readers of our blog know how much we loved These Violent Delights, which was our April 2021 book club pick! We can’t wait to share our thoughts on the anticipated sequel with you in November. For now, check out Chloe Gong’s Pinterest to get pumped for release day.

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Pinterest Links

Juliette Cai:

Roma Montagov:

We loved how Gong took Romeo and Juliette and set it in 1920s Shanghai among rival gangs. We totally fell in love with Juliette and Roma’s romance. When we found out their were Pinterest boards, we couldn’t wait to share our thoughts. Below, check out some of our favorite aspects of the boards.

Juliette’s Board

First of all, we love the 1920s flapper fashion. Juliette lived in New York for awhile and brought back some amazing pieces. This is the perfect outfit for the time period.

This picture also stood out to us because it gives off the vibe that despite Juliette being beautiful, she’s deadly. The girl knows how to get what she wants and is not afraid to take charge.

Lastly, we chose this picture because we imagined this to be what Juliette looks like. She seems to be unsure about where to go from here, especially regarding her forbidden romance.

Roma’s Board

The first picture that stood out to us! We liked the black and white photography and it really captured all the stress that Roma is under. After Juliette waltzes back into his life and the increasing violence in Shanghai, Roma has a lot choices to make.

The other picture that stood out has to do with all of the events Roma and Juliette attend. Specifically, the one where they were reunited after all those years.

While these are some of the Pins, we encourage everyone to look through the rest!

Book Information:

Title: Our Violent Ends

Author: Chloe Gong

Release Date: November 16, 2021


9 thoughts on “Chloe Gong’s Pinterest Boards for Our Violent Ends”

  1. Ooh! This sounds so interesting! I love it when a popular story is adapted in another culture or era, makes it so much more interesting to see a different take. Thank you for sharing!

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