Our Most Anticipated YA Books of 2022

It’s almost 2022, which means it’s almost time to read some of our most anticipated books. 2021 was an amazing reading year for us and we have a feeling 2022 will only get better. Check out the books that we can’t wait for this year and let us know in the comments if any are on your TBR. 

Note: We already read two 2022 books, Love from Scratch and These Deadly Games. We rated both five stars and recommend everyone add them to their 2022 TBR!

1. Nothing More to Tell by Karen McManus


We’ll read anything that Karen McManus writes at this point! Nothing More to Tell follows Brynn, who left an elite school after her favorite teacher was murdered. Four years later, Brynn is determined to find exactly what happened. She knows someone at that school got away with murder, but who? McManus mysteries always keep us guessing and we can’t wait to pick this one up on August 30th.

2. Chain of Thorns by Cassandra Clare

We wanted to cry when we found out that Chain of Thorns has been pushed back until November 1st. We’ve been desperate to find out what happens next after finishing Chain of Iron back in March. Sadly, there isn’t a cover or a description yet. We’ll update this post when we know more about what will happen to this group of shadowhunters!

3. London Prep 6: The Country House by Jillian Dodd

Just like Chain of Thorns, we don’t have an official description for London Prep 6: The Country House. Also, we don’t know the release date, except that it will be spring 2022. We do know that it will be about Mallory, Noah, Mohammed and Harry spending a weekend at Harry’s country house. Things are bound to be interesting for this group of friends.

4. The Final Gambit by Jennifer Lynn Barnes 

58658940. sy475

To receive Tobias Hawthorne’s billions, Avery Kylie Grambs has to survive a few more weeks with the Hawthorne family. Too bad Avery still has one last puzzle to solve. Avery will need the help of the Hawthorne brothers to fight a dangerous and unknown player who seems to be one step ahead. The Final Gambit will be an exciting finale to The Inheritance Games trilogy, which will be released August 30th.

5. Always Jane by Jenn Bennett 


We’ve been waiting a long time for Always Jane, which was pushed back from 2021 to March 29, 2022. Jane Marlow is spending the summer in the Sierras with her chauffeur father. The Sarafian family run a legendary music festival every year. Jane’s had a longtime crush on the oldest son, Eddie Sarafian. But things change when Jane arrives and spends more time with Fen Sarafian, Eddie’s younger brother. Bennett always writes swoonworthy and fun romances, so we can’t wait for her latest.

6. The Do-Over by Lynn Painter 


Emilie Hornby has to keep reliving the worst Valentine’s Day. When she notices the days repeating, she thinks she can do whatever she wants. But when February 15th finally comes around, Emilie has to face the fallout of her actions. The Do-Over sounds like a lot of fun. We love Better Than the Movies, Painter’s debut novel, so we’re eagerly anticipating December 6, 2022.

7. Places We’ve Never Been by Kasie West  

58784452. sy475

We’ve read every book that West has released thus far and Places We’ve Never Been is near the top of our list for 2022. Norah hasn’t seen her best friend Skyler since he moved away years ago. Norah can’t wait to spend the summer with Skyler on a cross-country road trip with their families. Too bad Skyler wishes he were anywhere else. May 1st can’t come soon enough and we can’t wait to see how West writes Norah and Skyler’s love story.

8. Foul Lady Fortune by Chloe Gong

57190453. sy475

So we have no description, but we heard rumors that this will be a spinoff of Our Violent Delights starring Roma’s sister Alissa. If that’s true, then we’re pumped to get back to Shanghai, China. No release date has been posted, save for that it will be 2022.

9. Twin Crowns by Catherine Doyle and Katherine Webber

Twin Crowns

It’s been forever since Catherine Doyle released a YA book. In fact, her only YA series is one of our favorites: Blood For Blood. This time she and her co-author are doing a YA fantasy. Wren Greenrock has prepared for the day she would steal her sister’s place in the palace. She’s been trained to avenge her parent’s murder and take the throne from the princess. Knowing Doyle, this series will be full of action and romance. We can’t wait for April 18th!

10. Loveboat Reunion by Abigail Hing Wen 


Following the events of Loveboat, Taipei, Sophie Ha and Xavier Yeh are back after there tense past. Leaving the drama in Taipei, it’s now fall in the United States and both are ready to move forward. Sophie is starting school at Dartmouth and Xavier is trying to stay off the radar. When the two find themselves at the Loveboat Reunion, it’s impossible to ignore their chemistry. We have less than a month until the January 25th release!

11. Rivals (American Royals III) by Katharine McGee

59447047. sy475

We just found out about Rivals this week and couldn’t believe we were going to get an American Royals III. Queen Beatrice, Princess Samantha, Nina and Daphne are back to take Washington D.C. and the world by storm. Relationships will be tested, new rivals form and unexpected alliances will occur. May 31st will be the day we finally know how this addicting trilogy ends.

12. In a Dark, Dark Wood by Cece Louise

58466749. sy475

In a Dark, Dark Wood is the fourth book in The Forest Tales series. Cece Louise is an indie fantasy/romance author, whose books are always full of adventure and twists. While these characters will be completely new, it’s set in the same world as the rest of her books. Get ready for February 22nd!

13. I Must Betray You by Ruta Sepetys


It’s Communist Romania in 1989. Other Communist regimes are crumbling, but Nicolae Ceaușescu is still the tyrannical dictator of Romania. Cristian Florescu just wants to be a writer, but that’s not possible when freedom doesn’t exist. Cristian is blackmailed by the secret police to become an informer and left with only two choices: betray everyone he loves or use his position to undermine this evil regime. We’re complete history nerds and can’t wait to read this historical YA book set in a tumultuous time in history. Will be picking up our first Ruta Sepetys book on February 1st.

14. Finding Her Edge by Jennifer Iacopelli


Break the Fall released in 2020 to get ready for the planned Tokyo Olympics and followed a gymnast’s journey to the podium. Find Her Edge is similar because it follows Olympic figure skating hopeful Adriana Russo. Christy is a former figure skating and can’t wait to read this YA contemporary out February 8th.

15. Love & Other Great Expectations by Becky Dean

55923620. sy475

We found out about Love & Other Great Expectations from NetGalley. Britt Hanson jumps at the chance to compete in a scavenger hunt set across England. Along the way she meets a cute British guy, Luke Jackson. While Luke can’t exactly help her, he’s along for the ride. This book sounds like a lot of fun and we always love reading debut novels.

16. My Dearest Darkest by Kayla Cottingham


Finch Chamberlin is new to the prestigious Ulalume Academy. Selena St. Clair knows Finch is different, but for some reason feels the two are linked. When the two conjure a powerful creature that promises to make their dreams come true, nothing will be the same. We’re not quite sure what to expect from My Dearest Darkest, but we’re intrigued to read this one on April 5th.

17. When You Get the Chance by Emma Lord 


Millie Price wants nothing more than to be a Broadway star. Determined to make it to an elite college program, Millie works her butt off to make money to afford it. One day Millie finds a browser left open on her dad’s computer with his online journal from 2003. Millie believes that one of the women he talks about is her mom. Armed with three names, Millie sets off to learn the truth of her birth in Mamma Mia fashion. You only have to wait until January 4th for When You Get the Chance.

18. Those Summer Nights by Laura Silverman 


After one bad injury, Hannah ends her Olympic dreams. Hannah just wants to be distracted all summer. Once she gets a job at Bonanza – an arcade/mini-golf/bowling facility- she’s ready to have fun and flirt with her cute co-worker Patrick. But when her boss announces an employee competition, Hannah is taken back to her injury and former life. We really liked Silverman’s last book Recommended For You and we’ll be reading Summer Nights on June 7th.

19. Two Truths and One Liar by Deirdre Riordan Hall

59793918. sy475

Every year, a prestigious boarding school hosts a Midnight Masquerade. Before the party, host Professor Groff is found dead in his office by six students. All the students receive anonymous notes at the party, questioning who did it and leading them to make assumptions about each other. Two Truths and One Liar technically releases this week, but since our top books of 2021 has already been released, we’re considering this a 2022 book.

20. The Counselors by Jessica Goodman

58608387. sy475

We enjoyed Goodman’s previous two YA books and just found about The Counselors, which is releasing on May 31st! Best friends Goldie, Ava and Imogen are back at Camp Alpine Lake the summer before college. When one of their ex-boyfriends is found dead in the lake, secrets been to come out about the three friends. Goodman promises a dark summer thriller that will keep you guessing.

25 thoughts on “Our Most Anticipated YA Books of 2022”

  1. Ooh a lot of these are new for me, so I think my TBR pile in 2022 might have just got a rather bit bigger. Lovely post… I want to say wrap-up, but it’s technically whatever the opposite of a wrap-up is? Haha!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I was devastated, too, when I found out Chain of Thorns was pushed back 8 months. My birthday is in March, and since Cassandra Clare usually publishes a new book each March (and the fact that she’s one of my all-time favorite authors), it’s usually like a birthday present for me. I was so upset when I found out I wouldn’t get to read a new Cassie Clare book for my birthday. Hopefully the next few months will fly by quick, though. 😪


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