2021 Blog and Reading Summary

It’s almost 2022, which means it’s time for our yearly summary post. We’ve had a great reading year and we’ve been lucky to share these books with all of you. Our blog views in 2021 almost doubled from 2020, so thank you to everyone who has visited our website in the last year.

We’re excited for another year full of great reads and book blogging. Again, thank you all for supporting us and we hope you continue to read I’m All Booked Up. So we know what you enjoy, let us know your favorite post of ours from 2021!

Our Most Liked Post

Our most liked post of 2021 was our March 2021 Book Haul. We love sharing what books we’re reading and we’ll continue with these posts in 2022.

Our Most Viewed Post


While posted in 2019, our most viewed blog post this year was Our Favorite Jennifer L. Armentrout Books. This post garnered almost 8K views and showcases one of our favorite YA authors.

Our Most Viewed Book Review

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Our most viewed book review was for The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. It’s also on the list of our top 10 YA books of 2021! If you want a twisted mystery full of secrets, games and suspense, this series is perfect for you.

Number of Books Read: 62/50

We beat last year! Last year we read 57 books and this year we’ll get to at least 62! Our reading has ranged from contemporary, romance, mystery, thriller and fantasy. Hopefully we can increase this number again in 2022.

Our Favorite Book of 2021


The Cousins was easily our favorite book of the year that left everyone in our book club guessing. Karen McManus always leaves us speechless, especially when she throws in a twist in the last chapter.

Our Least Favorite Book of 2021


It’s rare for us to DNF a book. More Than Just a Pretty Face was our only DNF for 2021. We just couldn’t get into the story and found the main character really annoying.

A Book That Surprised Us


While technically not releasing until 2022, we received an ARC from NetGalley. We weren’t quite sure what to expect, but we absolutely loved These Deadly Games. The MC was relatable and the quick timeline made her actions have dire consequences.

Our Biggest Disappointment Chaos Theory (Twin River High Book 3) eBook : Blount, Kelly  Anne, Rush, Lynn: Kindle Store

Our biggest disappointments were the Twin River High series. We really enjoyed In The Penalty Box by Rush and Blount, which made us super surprised about this series falling flat.

Hopes for Books in 2022

We have a long TBR for 2022! If you haven’t yet, check out Our Most Anticipated YA Books of 2022. Our hopes for the new year include reading books by our favorite authors, discovering new authors and continuing to find great indie reads. We plan on switching between contemporary, romance, mystery, thriller, fantasy and historical as well.

Hopes for the Blog in 2022

We’ve grown our blog a lot over the past year and want to continue to move in the right direction. We will continue writing book reviews and doing our usual series, while also trying to expand to different styles of posts. One thing we’d love to feature more of are author interviews. Hopefully 2022 is a great year for I’m All Booked Up!


Let us know if you want to collaborate in 2022. We’re always open to guest posts if they are related to books!

If you want us to read your book, check out our review policy!

Thanks for reading all year!


Christy and Claire

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