Have Used Books: Here’s What to Do

January is the perfect time to start decluttering! With the new year here, it’s the perfect excuse to go through your stuff and decide what to get rid of and what to keep. We recommend going through your books because let’s face it, if you’re like us, you’ll be buying plenty in 2022.

We’re starting the year by going through our books and deciding which ones we probably won’t read again. If you’re not sure what to do with your used books, check out our ideas below.

1. Donate to the library

This one is a no brainer. Most of us probably live close to a library and a lot of them want books that are in good condition. Check out the closest library near you and what they’re accepting.

2. Donate or sell to a used bookstore

Plenty of used bookstores accept donations or will buy your old books. These places can be independently owned or through a chain. We go to the chain 2nd and Charles when we want to sell books. While you want get much money, they’ll also offer you a higher amount in store credit.

3. Participate in a book swap

Do you have friends or family who are also big readers? Suggest a book swap! Everyone brings over the books they no longer want and you can trade for others. That means you get new material to read and so does everyone who attends.

4. Regift 

We don’t recommend pretending the book is brand new and giving it someone for their birthday or a holiday. Instead, say that you have a book you think they’d like and gift it to them just because.

5. Do a giveaway

For book bloggers, this is so easy. Host a giveaway on your blog or on your socials. This way you’ll know that someone who wants your books will get them!

6. Donate to Goodwill

Another giveaway option is to go to your local Goodwill. They’re always accepting merchandise and someone will be able to buy the used books at a reasonable cost.

7. Sell at a yard sale

A yard sale is the perfect way to get rid of old stuff, including books. Sell them for a reasonable rate…and use the money to buy more books! JK! But if your neighborhood or area does spring yard sale day, consider getting books together for the event.

8. Recycle

If you have books that can’t be donated or resold, consider recycling the material. We’d recommend not just throwing out damaged books since they’ll probably just end up in a landfill.

9. Sell on Amazon

While this probably works bets with old textbooks, anything can be resold on Amazon. It’s easy to set your rate and see if anyone is willing to buy these old books. Back in college, getting used books from Amazon was a great way to save money. Students are always looking for a good deal.

10. Repurpose old books

While we’re not DIY junkies, Pinterest always has cool ideas for how to take old books and make them into something new and unique. You can use them for décor or even a DIY safe. The possibilities are endless!

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