Author Interview: Will Scifi

We’re excited that we got to interview a creative indie author and share it with all of you! We had a chance to learn more about Will Scifi and talk to him about his latest book Nova’s Blade. We recently added it to our TBR. Sci-Fi writes YA science fiction and dystopian books and you can find out more about him here on his socials: | Author Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Amazon |

1. When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer?

I believe it was senior year of high school back in 2015, and I suggested a movie idea to my dad. I just wanted to see if he thought it would be a good idea if someone had made it into a movie. That was when he suggested I write a book because many movies come from books. Also, during senior year, I dropped my calculus class since I was already going to graduate and go to college. In place of it, I took on creative writing as an elective because early that year I won a poetry contest at the high school. Up until the creative writing class I was only writing poetry from time to time. But between my creative writing class and my dad’s suggestion, I started writing stories. When I was doing it in creative writing class, I found I was good at it in terms of imagination, and I enjoyed it very much. So from there, I decided I wanted to write.  I actually still have writings from high school on my computer. I’ll publish them sometime in the future after a lot of editing. 

2. What inspired you to write Nova’s Blade?

I was trying to combine popular genres to see what I would come up with. It was a method someone told me to do when I was reading a book on marketing books. So I was thinking like romance mixed with dystopian, which has been done before.  The other reason, which is the main reason is, I always wanted to do a book that was inspired by the MeToo movement. I had an idea to do a book that took the elements of the movement, and put them into a fictional world. A fictional world that was far from our world, but still shared resemblance. I wanted to see how that would look. You know how certain movies are inspired by real life events, and you have to look closely to see it, I wanted to do that with the MeToo movement because I found it to be very eye opening personally and on a societal level. I wanted to write a book that would be eye opening to the readers but also the characters in the book. Also after the death of  George Floyd, I once again had that eye opening experience, and the world did too. So with those two movements, I wanted to create a mirror into our society through this book. 

3. In general, dystopian YA books lack POC main characters. What inspired you to get into the dystopian genre and bring more diversity to it?

That reason is actually what inspired me mostly. So I was already going to write a dystopian, but as I did it, I saw I had an opportunity to change it up a little bit. I knew that there weren’t many popular dystopians off the top of my head with black characters as the lead, so I decided why not. It’s my original idea, so I could add that element if I wanted to. The way I see it is dystopians are a mirror into our current society. Whatever time they’re written in, they show you what that world was like in real life. With many popular dystopians not having a black main character ,or many black people in them, I felt black people weren’t being shown in those dystopians.  The fictional struggles of black people in dystopians weren’t being shown. By me having the main character black, it shows people, “Hey look, the dystopian impacts black people too.” If the dystopian was real, black people would be impacted by it as well, so having a black main character, and other characters of different races, shows that the dystopian impacts everyone.

4. What are you hoping readers will take away from your books?

Just hopefully they see themselves in some of the characters, and it lets them have hope and encouragement in their lives.

5. What are your favorite Young Adult books?

The Red Rising series by Pierce Brown if that is young adult. I know people have trouble agreeing on what exactly is young adult. Is it based on age range for the readers, age of the characters, etc.? I believe Red Rising is young adult, and I like that series a lot.   

6. Which writers influence you the most?

Probably Suzanne Collins with Hunger Games and Pierce Brown with Red Rising. Early on, I tried very hard to be like old science fiction writers like PDK, but realized it didn’t work for me.

7. What was the most difficult part of the publishing process for you?

Trying to write while going to school full time, going to work full time, going to the gym, and just having fun in my daily life. I mean writing a book is one thing, it’s a another thing when you have a personal deadline you want to meet before you go to work in the morning. Which is something many writers face I believe.

8. What is the best advice that you have received? Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

For me the best advice came from my dad who gives me a lot of good advice. Some of the best ones he gave me was to change the name of the book which was originally Death Dating Games. I’m so glad I changed that name, it doesn’t ring like Nova’s Blade. The other advice was to have a pen name which is how I chose Will Scifi.

Starting off, find what’s most marketable to readers, then write it. Once you get some exposure and people notice you, then write whatever you want with respect to your fanbase. I say this because if you want to get into a club, you have to dress in the attire before you can get in. That’s from a marketing and business standpoint.  I say this because honestly I think we all have something good to say. For the most part anyone writing can write something that is good and people want to read. The only thing is, to make sure you get it to people so they can read it. So at the end of the day, it’s all about marketing. Most importantly this is just my opinion, what works for me may not work for the other person. So go out there and find out.

9. What is your writing process like? 

I start off with the background information for the world building and the characters. I usually then write an outline that’s broad, then I fill in the details scene by scene.

10. Do you have any books that you’re currently working on?

No not at the moment. I don’t know when I will start the 2nd book. For right now my main focus is just marketing Nova’s Blade, going to school, and work.

11. Is there anything else that you want readers to know about you and your work?

I appreciate the support. I couldn’t have done it without God, Jesus Christ, and the readers.

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