Valentine’s Day Book Tag

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! It’s the season of love and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a book tag. We got this tag from The Sassy Book Geek and knew we wanted to participate. Let us know your favorite YA romances or just books you love in general in the comments.

1. A Stand Alone Book You Love


Annie Lucas’s life changes in the blink of an eye when her dad gets offered the pitching coach position for the Kansas City Royals. But it’s off-limits to fall for the hot rookie pitcher, Jason Brody, when your dad is his coach. Except, Brody’s always at the house and Annie can’t get him out of her head. Whatever Life Throws at You is perfect for fans of sports and romance. This is one of our favorite YA romances because of our love of baseball and the chemistry between Annie and Brody. It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day read.

2. A Dystopian Book You Love


The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau is an underrated YA dystopian series, and is basically a more intellectual version of The Hunger Games. Cia and three other students in her region get chosen to compete for spots at University. In this dystopian future United States, a massive world war left most of the world in shambles. Only the brightest can help bring back the country. Cia believes that if she doesn’t pass her tests, then she’ll go back to her normal life. However, once students start disappearing, she realizes the price for failure is a lot higher than she ever imagined. 

The world building in this series is A+ and so are the characters. We loved Cia from the start, especially for how intelligent and courageous she is. Plus, there’s a romance between Cia and Thomas, a fellow student.

3. A Book That You Love That No One Else Talks About


There is no better location to fall in love than Paris, France! Paris, Modigliani and Me has the perfect summer romance charm that every YA reader needs. Julie moves to Paris for the summer to be an au pair for her mother’s best friend’s daughter Genevieve. Genevieve, a fashionable and spunky 10 year old, helps Julie move forward and discovery the beauty of a new city. Plus, Julie gets to experience the world famous art scene, find herself and fall in love along the way. This is one of the most underrated contemporaries we’ve read. Seriously, it only has 64 reviews on Goodreads. We can’t recommend it enough and hope this awesome book gets more publicity.

4. Favorite Book Couple


Sophie Gracewell’s life changes when five hot Italian brothers move into the creepy abandoned house in her town. Quickly, she falls for Nic Falcone, the hot youngest brother of the Falcone clan. Yet, his brother Luca, is determined to keep the two apart. One night when Nic and Sophie are together, Luca interrupts with some shocking news that makes Nic question everything. Only problem: The guys spoke in Italian and Sophie has no idea what she did wrong. After distancing herself from the Falcone brothers, Sophie gets attacked and Luca comes to her rescue. Vendetta is a non-stop thrill and we shipped Sophie and Luca from the start. While they don’t get together right away, the two had amazing chemistry throughout the series. Luca Falcone is one of the best book boyfriends in YA!

5. A Book That Other People Love But You Haven’t Read


While we read Six of Crows, we haven’t read Shadow and Bone yet. It’s become super popular in the last year, especially because of the Netflix show. It’s not at the top of our TBR, but we’ll have to read it at some point.

6. A Book with Red on the Cover


The Heir and the Spare is the perfect read for any Anglophile and a great book with red on the cover. American Evie Gray starts college at her mother’s alma mater, Oxford University.  She receives letters with missions and every time she completes one, she receives another letter. With her mother’s letters, Evie is determined to learn more about her mom’s side of the family.

To help her get adjusted to her new life abroad, Evie joins a friend group. The charming and kind Edmund looks familiar at first, but Evie cannot place where she’s seen him before. Edmund turns out to be the spare prince, the one not in direct line for the thrown. As he helps Evie discover her family secrets, they wonder if a relationship between a (supposed) commoner and a royal can ever work.

7. A Book with Pink on the Cover


The best ways to describe Wanderlost are fun and light-hearted. Aubree gains a lot more confidence once she’s thrown out of her comfort zone as she explores Amsterdam, Braubach, Salzburg, Vienna, Prague, Venice, Cinque Terre and Monaco. The cast of characters makes this an unconventional way to see Europe, but Aubree develops friendships with senior citizens on a tour bus as they do fun excursions, like the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg and ride in a Lamborghini in Monaco. Plus, the tour owner’s son Sam is the perfect person to go on this crazy adventure with. Wanderlost is one of the best books with pink on the cover.

8. You Were Give a Box of Chocolates: Which Fictional Character Gave Them to You?

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Obviously, the chocolates are from Will Herondale! Our favorite book series also has our favorite book boyfriend. Will Herondale cannot be beat in the YA world. Seriously, you can’t find a better boyfriend and we love everything about him. He has the best lines, unparalleled wit and dreamy black hair and blue eyes. Tessa and Will have so much chemistry from the start, even if it take them a while to admit it. They also banter about books, which had us swooning through the entire trilogy.

9. It’s Valentines Day. What Book Would You Read?

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Gia Montgomery’s biggest concern is showing off her hot boyfriend at the prom. Problem is, he dumps her in the parking lot. Instead of telling the truth, she corners the cute guy sitting in his car and gives him a task, to be her boyfriend for a few short hours and then break up with her in front of her friends. Sounds simple, right? It is, until she realizes she can’t stop thinking about him after that night and doesn’t even know his name.

Honestly the best part of The Fill-In Boyfriend is the guy Gia can’t stop thinking about, Hayden. Hayden is genuine, witty and down to earth. Not to mention their witty banter—A+! If this book doesn’t leave you swooning by the end then we don’t know what will! We’d love to reread this book sometime soon and if we had time, would be our pick for what to read on Valentine’s Day!

10. You’re in the Book Store. All of a Sudden You’re Struck with an Arrow by Cupid. What New Release will you love?


Break the Fall released in 2020 to get ready for the planned Tokyo Olympics and followed a gymnast’s journey to the podium. Find Her Edge is similar because it follows Olympic figure skating hopeful Adriana Russo. Christy is a former figure skater and can’t wait to read this YA contemporary that released February 8th. We have high hopes for this book and can’t wait to read it soon.

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  1. Whatever Life Throws at You sounds so cute! I just added it to my list. And (unpopular opinion), I didn’t love Shadow and Bone. Honestly, I thought the show was better than the first book. But I haven’t read the others yet so maybe the series gets better.

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  2. Unfortunately I’ve not read a work of fiction in a number of decades, nor is romance a genre I’m particularly interested in. But I’ll recommend The Testing to my partner who loves to read


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