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Thank you to Past Midnight for nominating for this blogger award! Go check out her blog for more bookish content. We’re excited that is the second time we’ve been nominated!

The Rules

  • Thank the person who has nominated you and provide a link back to their blog
  • Answer their questions
  • Nominate other bloggers and ask them 5 new questions
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What are some of your most anticipated books for 2022?

We’re currently reading two of our most anticipated books: London Prep 6: The Country House by Jillian Dodd and I Must Betray You by Ruta Sepetys. Our other most anticipated books for the year are Chain of Thorns by Cassandra Clare and The Final Gambit by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.

If you had $100 to spend on books, what books would you buy right now?

We’d wait until the summer to use the gift card because we’d spend it on The Final Gambit by Jennifer Lynn Barnes and Nothing More to Tell by Karen McManus.

Hyped books – do you read them right away, while the hype is high? Or do you wait a while until the hype goes down?

It honestly depends. Cassandra Clare books are hyped and we read those right away, but it’s not true for all series. The Inheritance Games was very hyped in 2020, but we waited until 2021 to read it.

What season of the year do you do your most reading? Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter?

Probably summer and fall. In the summer, it’s great to read outside while sipping a chilled drink. In the fall, a warm drink and a cozy blanket are optimal for reading YA mysteries and thrillers.

What is your favorite genre?

We mostly read YA, but that isn’t really a genre. We don’t have a favorite. We read mystery, thriller, fantasy, contemporary, historical and romance. It honestly depends on our mood.

Questions for My Nominees

  1. What is your favorite book of 2022 so far?
  2. How many books do you plan on reading in 2022?
  3. What is the last book you DNF’d?
  4. Name a book that you’ve reread!
  5. If you could be any book character, who would you be?

My Nominees

  1. Worlds Unlike Our Own
  2. Witty and Sarcastic Book Club
  3. Read and Review It
  4. The Candid Cover
  5. The Book View

27 thoughts on “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award Book Tag”

  1. This was such fun to read! I’m definitely excited about The Final Gambit as well – and I haven’t even gotten the chance to read The Hawthorne Legacy yet (though I’m planning to before this month is over, hopefully)!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this! I can’t wait for The Final Gambit and Nothing More To Tell too, and I always find myself reading the most during the summer. Thank you so much for sharing, and for the nomination – I’m super excited to get to work on my post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. On the opposite, I feel like I read less in the summer and more in winter.. but that being said, my concentration isn’t top notch yet so I reading outside in daytime is troublesome for me 😅 All the distractions from my mother talking, the neighbor’s kid yelling, etc..

    I’m usually very late to the hype train ahah.. those that I do read is usually WAY after the hype dies down rofl

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Usually i do like them, considering they’re interesting me in the first place 😅 If id read just for the hype and not because i like the plot, thatd be different.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Love these type of award posts so I can learn more about the bloggers behind the blogs, and it’s cool to know that this is a two-person operation. And high-five for being a diverse reader! I myself default to sci-fi/fantasy, but I actually read anything depending on my mood.

    Liked by 1 person

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