Review: London Prep 6: The Country House by Jillian Dodd

*We received this book in exchange for an honest review.*

Starting right where London Prep 5: The Party ends, Mallory, Noah, Mohammed and Harry are on the way to spend a long weekend at the Brooks family country house. Feeling like she’s leaving all the drama back in London, Mallory can’t wait to spend a few days in the English countryside. Everything is finally coming together with Noah and Harry is adjusting to being just friends.

But Mallory can’t hide her stress over the future. Her parents will be in London in less than a week, she has to move into a new flat and everything is still slightly off with the love triangle. She knows she wants to be Noah’s girlfriend, but she can’t help but worry about hurting Harry.

At least Mohammed is around to provide some much needed comic relief and best friend time. Mohammed is determined to tell Mallory the unfiltered truth in hopes of getting her out of her head so much.

Just when Mallory thinks everything has been resolved, Harry throws an obstacle in her path, threatening to derail everything good in her life right now. Will Mallory even consider Harry’s offer or will she turn him down once and for all?

Okay, so London Prep 6: The Country House was the perfect escape from London. We enjoyed seeing the boys’ club in a different setting. At the beginning, everything is going well and the four relax and enjoy local attractions. The main difference from the other book was they were not at school at and just focused on their relationships.

Let’s start by saying we totally ship Mohammed and Naomi. While we’re sad we didn’t see much of Naomi, we’re happy that the two made progress. They’re super cute together and perfect for Noah and Mallory to double date with. This is one relationship we want to see more of in the next installment.

Now, to the best character, Noah Williams. If anything, he keeps getting more swoonworthy every book. Noah was at the top of his game in the countryside. We appreciated that he told Mallory exactly how he felt and what he wanted. He’s a total sweetheart! We finally got our long awaited Noah and Mallory couple scenes.

As for Mallory James, she’s grown up a lot in the last month and is trying to put her heart first, like she should. Sometimes it’s difficult for her to express herself and Harry Brooks isn’t making things any easier. We always liked Harry as a person, but he really pissed us off in this book with his selfish antics. Let Mallory and Noah be happy…move on!

We only really spent time with the core four in this book, but we missed Naomi, Helen, Gene and Mia. They provide some fun moments in between the drama. We also like that Mallory and Helen have such a close relationship, especially since Mallory’s own mom is distant. We think she could have used some advice from some outside people.

While not a lot happened overall, London Prep 6: The Country House was all about relationship building and enjoying a fall weekend away from the city. We especially enjoyed the scene when the group goes swimming in a freezing pond. We felt like everything was going in the right direction, until the ending. Mallory and Harry go to a party hosted by Harry’s parents friends…the one requirement for going to the country house.

Mallory thinks she knows what she wants, when Harry throws the biggest curveball at her. Let’s just say we’re pissed and what he’s doing is not okay. He might be trying to hide behind good intentions, but he an ulterior motive. So Mallory, the answer to this question should be no!! However, we won’t know her answer until London Prep 7: The Choice releases in December. If you’re reading this Jillian Dodd, please tell us what happens next ASAP!

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5/⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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  1. Great review! I haven’t checked out this series before but Mallory and Noah sound super cute – and Harry sounds awful! Thanks for sharing, this sounds like a really fun read and I’ll definitely add the series to my tbr!

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