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August 2022 Book Club: I Kissed Shara Wheeler by Casey McQuiston

The Book

I Kissed Shara Wheeler released May 3, 2022.

Why did we pick this book?

We’re always in the mood for a YA contemporary during the summer. We’ve had I Kissed Shara Wheeler on our TBR for a while and thought August was the perfect time. Plus, there are some mystery aspects to this book so we thought it would be great for a book club discussion. If you’d like to join us, book club is on August 21, 2022. Email for the link.

What is this book about?

Chloe Green is struggling after moving from California to Alabama. The only thing keeping Chloe afloat is the idea of winning valedictorian. But her big competition is Shara Wheeler, the principal’s daughter. Only a month before graduation, Shara kisses Chloe and Vanishes. Turns out Shara also kissed Smith, her ex-boyfriend and Rory, the bad boy neighbor. Chloe, Smith and Rory are thrown together to solve the Shara mystery and learn the secrets of small town Alabama. I Kissed Shara Wheeler promises to be funny, exciting and surprising.

What other YA books has the author written?

McQuiston wrote Red, White & Royal Blue.

18 thoughts on “August 2022 Book Club: I Kissed Shara Wheeler by Casey McQuiston”

  1. njfdjnfdbfd i read shara wheeler a few months back AND KIND OF FELL IN LOVE WITH IT?? the characters literally own my whole entire heart AND THE BOOK IS ONE OF THE BEST EVER!! i hope you love it <33

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