Review: Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn’t Have) by Sarah Mylnowski

What teenager wouldn’t jump at the chance to live in a parent-free house with all rent and living expenses covered? April Berman took advantage of an opportunity and who could blame her?

April thinks her life is over when her dad and step mom announce that in less than two weeks they’re moving from their cute Connecticut town to Ohio. Desperate to stay with her boyfriend Noah and her best friends Vi and Marissa, April comes up with a plan. Vi’s mom is in a touring company for Mary Poppins and won’t be home for months. But April’s parents don’t need to know that. They agree to let April live with Vi and Vi’s mom for the rest of the school year, thinking April has strong adult supervision.

April and Vi immediately start making some crazy decisions, like throwing a party, adopting a cat and using their living expense money to afford a hot tub. But during this fun charade, April still has to keep the biggest secret of her life from her family all while trying to figure out what she wants.

Ten Thing We Did is one of the funniest YA books we’ve ever read. Long-time readers might be surprised by how much we enjoyed this book, considering we weren’t fans of the author’s other YA book, I See London, I See France. But Ten Things We Did had great characters, an interesting plot and non-stop antics.

First, we have April. While her situation might not be the most realistic, it makes for a great story. April is struggling because she feels both parents chose their current spouse over her and never considered her feelings, which is true. Then, she’s having trouble with her boyfriend Noah, who is the absolute worst. Everything in life is spinning, so April looks for what she can control.

Enter Vi: April’s outgoing, sophisticated and responsible best friend. Vi is used to being left home alone. With April moving in, the two share a special bond from parental neglect and want to finish the school year off strong. Vi is a likable character because she’s realistic. While April might worship her at first, she quickly realizes that Vi has her own struggles.

The structure of the book also made it more enjoyable. Instead of regular chapters, the book is told based on which of the ten things April did that she shouldn’t have. It makes for some hilarious antics to occur in the parent-free house. Both April and Vi learn a lot about themselves and how to adult.

Now, when it comes to romance, we already mentioned Noah was the worst. He treated April badly and there are some big reveals about him at the end. However, we did like the other romantic interest, Hudson. Hudson is sweet, adorable and mysterious. We loved the secrets about his life. But most importantly, he was always there for April, even in the middle of the night.

Overall, if you’re looking for a YA book that will keep you laughing, pick up Ten Things We Did. It’s sweet, engaging and perfect for those who’d imagine what they would’ve done in April’s situation.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

37 thoughts on “Review: Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn’t Have) by Sarah Mylnowski”

  1. This sounds great. My best friend and I did something like this when we were teenagers. Her parents were divorced and we said we were staying with one parent… Anyway we had a great weekend.

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  2. Ten Things We Did sounds like a fun book, but I do agree April’s situation is not the most realistic. Like what parents would let their child stay at a friend’s house without confirming the friend’s parent is actually there? However, the characters do sound great minus Noah.

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  3. hcxhfsdhfdhhb HOW ARE YOUR REVIEWS ALWAYS SO PERFECT??? I LOVE THEM SO MUCH OKAY 😭 sooo this might be the first time i’ve EVER heard of this book, and maybe the synopsis didn’t exactly intrigue me enough to pick it up, BUT YOUR REVIEW TELLS A DIFFERENT STORY. i mean, DID YOU MENTION IT’S HILARIOUS?? with the most amazing characters?? HILARIOUS WAS ENOUGH TO GET ME ON BOARD OK!! I CANT WAIT TO READ IT AND THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR THE STUNNINGNESS THAT IS YOUR REVIEW

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