Which London Prep Character Are You Based on Your Myers-Briggs?

Our regular readers know how much we love the London Prep series by Jillian Dodd. So far there are six books, with the seventh scheduled to release in December. We thought it would be fun to analyze each character’s Myers-Briggs and share it with our readers! Let us know yours in the comments. We’re an ENTJ and an INFJ.

This isn’t our first Myers-Briggs related blog post. If you’re a Shadowhunter fan, find out which character you are here!

Mallory James: ISFJ

Mallory James is the main character in the London Prep series and surprisingly, she was the hardest for us to place in Myers-Briggs. Despite us being in her head for six books, there’s a lot of contradictions about Mallory. She claims at the beginning to be rational and logical, but many of her choices counteract that mindset. Mallory likes to act based on emotions, thus we finally landed on ISFJ. However, unlike the rest of the characters, Mallory is probably closer to an ambivert than a solid E or I. ISFJ’s are hardworking and generally very enthusiastic people. They like to be on top things and feel a responsibility to the people around them, always wanting to protect everyone. However, they tend to repress their feelings, meaning when they boil over, things get crazy. Lastly, ISFJ’s don’t handle change well, thus Mallory when she arrived in London and her dealing with her parent’s surprise news in London Prep 4.

Noah Williams: INTJ

Noah Williams is easily our favorite character in London Prep. He quickly won us over with his intelligence and thoughtfulness. It’s pretty obvious that Noah’s an introvert. He needs his alone time and can get overwhelmed with too much excitement. He embodies the rest of the INTJ characteristics well. INTJ’s are known for being determined, independent and practical. However, they also have the tendency to be judgemental, cold and critical. At the beginning of Mallory’s exchange, she makes these assumptions. But once she got to know Noah, she learned that he’s warm and thoughtful to those he cares about, he just takes a while to open up.

Harry Brooks: ESFP

Harry Brooks, the golden boy at school and the guy most girls want to date. Harry doesn’t mind the spotlight and is always ready to entertain the masses. ESFP’s tend to be bold, spontaneous and fun-loving. However, they can take it too far, using the socialization to hide their sensitivity. They tend to not take criticism well and hate being questioned, which can be seen numerous times with Harry. One day he’s the happiest guy in the world, but when Mallory wouldn’t skip school with him once, she suddenly didn’t “care” about him anymore.

Mohammad: ENFJ

Mohammad is the funniest character and also Mallory’s best friend in London. He never shies away from the spotlight or being the center of attention. He knows that eyes are always on him and why shouldn’t they be? There’s a reason ENFJ’s are called the Protagonists. Mohammad, like ENFJs, are charismatic, reliable and clever. However, ENFJs can also be intense, sensitive and secretly a little insecure. We’ve seen this with Mohammad, especially when he feels left out or ignored.

Mia Williams: ISFP

We actually don’t get to meet the famous Mia Williams until London Prep 4, after she’s returned from her exchange in Greece. While we knew from the start she was the opposite of Noah, we don’t see that until we get to know her better. From the start, we learned Mia is an artist and one of the most creative people in school. She loves a good adventure and is passionate about everything she does. Too bad those free-spirited traits can make her clash with her more practical family members, such as Noah and Helen. ISFP’s are fiercely independent, which means that they never want to be questionsed especially considering they are also competitive and stubborn.

Naomi Fleming: ENFP

Naomi Fleming is the nicest girl in school. Even when her best friend Olivia treated Mallory badly, she made sure to befriend Mallory. Naomi is super fun, energetic and ready to spread the joy. ENFP’s are known for being super friendly, enthusiastic and outgoing, just like Naomi. However, because this personality type is so nice, they tend to be people-pleasers and can be a little too optimistic. Naomi has to be careful that people don’t take advantage of her kind nature.

Olivia Winters: INFJ

Like Mallory, we had a harder time with Olivia’s character. She just doesn’t have the page time as the other characters, even though she is important to the story. But we didn’t even see her London Prep 6. Olivia has the biggest transformation of all, going from crazy ex-girlfriend to friendly with Mallory. We decided to go with INFJ for Olivia, because while deep down she’s a good person, she is overly sensitive and takes things personally. She may be popular and influential at Kensington, but she doesn’t always want to be the center of attention. She also showed her empathy for Mallory with the Noah and Harry love triangle. However, like an INFJ, this girl can hold a grudge, especially as one of the most emotional personality types.

Helen Williams: ENTJ

Helen is the boss and she runs the household. While she’s a really nice person, you don’t cross her or the people she loves. She’s a true Commander personality type and is on top of everything. Helen embodies the ENTJ personality traits of being confident, strong-willed and practical. However, to her kids Mia and Noah’s dismay she also has a tendency to be stubborn and impatient with people. She’s contrasted with Mallory through the series, always telling her to stop letting emotions dictate her decisions. If you need advice though, there’s no one to give you a better (and more logical) answer.

Gene Williams: INTP

Gene Williams may not get a ton of page time. But he’s an important character in the series. From what we see of Gene, we know that he’s an introvert–he prefers to stay home, read and have a fire in the background, with a glass of wine of course. INTP’s are known as the absent-minded professors. Gene embodies this with curiosity and quick-intellect. However, as Helen jokes, the house could be on fire and Gene would be oblivious in his favorite chair. INTP’s also are known for being creative, open-minded, but a bit disconnected.

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