The Summer Bucket List Book Tag

Happy Labor Day everyone! With summer season coming to an end, we thought we would participate in one last fun book tag before we switch over to spooky season. We have to admit, this is our favorite time of year. September and October always bring beautiful weather and fun activities.

We saw this tag on Read and Review It and Her Digital Coffee. Their answers convinced us to participate. The tag was originally created by Read by Tiffany.

The Rules

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Listen to Your Heart is set by a beautiful lake. Kate Bailey loves to spend her summers by the water, relaxing at her family marina. But when school starts again, Kate has to join the real world and even worse, interact with people. Listen to Your Heart is a perfect September read because it’s set during this time of year, when most students would rather be enjoying summer vacation.

Serpent & Dove’s romance between Lou, a witch, and Reid, a witch hunter, became steamier than we imagined. The two can’t stand each other at first, but after they are forced to marry, they grow to care about each other. Lou and Reid have some pretty fiery scenes, especially for a YA book.

We recently read Love & Other Great Expectations and enjoyed Britt Hanson’s journey around the United Kingdom on a scavenger hunt. It made us want to book the next plane to London so we could explore the literary past of the country. If you like books with travel and self-discovery, this one is for you.

While we don’t discuss it much, Every Day by David Levithan is one of our favorite YA books. We’ve never read something so thought-provoking and raw before. If you haven’t read it, go search it on Goodreads right now. We don’t want to give anything away, but we do want to encourage more people to read it, so we’ll leave you with this quote: “If you stare at the center of the universe, there is coldness there. A blankness. Ultimately, the universe doesn’t care about us. Time doesn’t care about us. That’s why we have to care about each other.”

Our regular readers know that 2022 has been the year of Zodiac Academy for us. We couldn’t put down the first in the series, The Awakening. Seriously, all we wanted to do was read the book and then buy the rest in the series. We’re impatiently waiting for a cover, title and description for the eighth and final book in the series.

If you’re like us, than summer means baseball season. Whatever Life Throws at You follows Annie Lucas when her dad gets offered the job as pitching coach for the Kansas City Royals. She definitely shouldn’t fall for rookie pitcher Jason Brody. Brody and Annie have such a sweet romance. This is one of our favorite YA books to read because of the romance and the engaging plot.

The Yearbook was one of our first reads of 2022 and it was a complete breath of fresh air. We expected a book similar to Mean Girls, which would have been fun. Except, what we got was so much better and more powerful. Honestly, the description doesn’t do the book justice, which deals with topics such as mental health, bullying and emotional abuse.

November Adley faces many obstacles when she wakes up one day at Academy Absconditi. 1) She has no idea where the school is located. 2) Instead of math and English, she’s enrolled in knife throwing, body language reading and accents. 3) The students are ruthless and competitive to the point where November fears her physical safety. November is determined to learn her family secrets and discover the truth about her strange classmates in Killing November.

Where There’s a Whisk is full of delicious treats. The whole book is about Top Teen Chef, a reality show about the best young chefs in the country. Everyone has different backgrounds, so we see everything from casual key lime pie to formal dinner foods. This book is fun for those who like to cook and want to read about the innovative competitions set all around NYC.

The Naturals series is one of our favorites. We read it in 2021 and didn’t want to put it down. The books follow Cassie as she joins a junior FBI program to solve old cold cases. But that isn’t the situation anymore as Cassie and her new friends get dragged into ongoing FBI investigations. This series inspired us to want to write a thriller as well-developed as Barnes’s. The elements of suspense and psychology are done perfectly, making this an unforgettable series.

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