The Fall Bucket List Book Tag

Happy Fall everyone!! We found this book tag a while ago and made sure to schedule it the first week of fall. It’s our favorite time of year and we couldn’t wait to participate. While we tagged seven bloggers below, feel free to participate if we didn’t tag you, especially if you love this season as much as we do.

The Rules

  • Link back to the original creator in your post
  • Feel free to use any of these graphics in your post, or create your own
  • Tag seven other people at the end of your post, and let them know you’ve tagged them

Kasie West if the perfect author is you’re searching for a light-hearted read. Sunkissed was West’s 2021 release, which takes place at a lake resort in the middle of nowhere. Overall, it’s just a super sweet book about first love and chasing your dreams.

Chain of Thorns, the third and final book in The Last Hours trilogy, is our most anticipated read of 2023. It’s been almost two years since Chain of Iron was released, meaning that Shadowhunter fans have been eagerly waiting to find out how this trilogy ends. The book already has a lot of hype and high expectations. Cordelia, James, Matthew, Lucy and the rest of the gang deserve a happy ending.

The Ivy series by Lauren Kunze has one of our favorite friend groups. Main character Callie Andrews meets so many interesting people when she starts school at Harvard. While not everything is smooth sailing for the Wigglesworth dorm group, they have a lot of fun and crazy antics. The star is Mimi Clement, Callie’s French roommate, who is the funniest character in the series.

This might be a surprising pick, but Beautiful Creatures warms our hearts and is a perfect book for autumn. This YA urban fantasy is set in a small town in South Carolina, where strange things began to happen to Ethan when new girl Lena moves to town. While it is a dark series at times, it’s also one of our favorite YA romances. Ethan and Lena are so supportive of each other, even after everything they go through.

In Where There’s a Whisk, Peyton Sinclaire gets an opportunity of a lifetime — she gets to spend her summer in NYC competing on Top Teen Chef. Peyton is a great chef and can do everything from fine dining to creative food truck cuisine. Her star dish is her key lime pie, which got great reviews from the judges.

We received an ARC for These Deadly Games near the end of 2021 and wow, did it make us excited to read more from Urban. While we liked her debut book, These Deadly Games knocked it out of the park for us. This dark mystery takes places over 24 hours and forces Crystal Donovan to make some tough decisions. Everything from the plot, to the pacing, to the character development was so well done.

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