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We found this tag on My Book World and knew we wanted to participate! The prompts are really fun and different from anything we’ve done on the blog before. Even though it doesn’t directly deal with the Zodiac Academy series, we’re celebrating less than a month until the book eight release with this tag. Want to learn more about one of our favorite book series? Check out our Complete Guide to the Zodiac Academy Series.

Do you like the prompt for your Zodiac sign? Let us know in the comments!

Aries: A wild and compelling book – from start to finish. Every page intoxicated your mind and heart with incredible imagery

We found The Secret History to be a compelling and intoxicating read. It’s dark, addicting and different from anything we’ve ever read before. If you want a book with morally gray characters that highlights the dangers of obsession, pick it up now. It’s a perfect autumn read and it’s a good introduction to dark academia.

Taurus: A heart-wrenching story of a forbidden love which could tear the family apart

We first read These Violent Delights and its sequel Our Violent Ends in 2021. Gong retells the heartbreaking Romeo and Juliet, but set in Shanghai, China in the 1920s. The story of the two waring gangs has great characters, a strong plot and does a great job of explaining the history. Gong clearly did her research and paints of picture of the dark side of imperialism.

Gemini: A book that is cheeky, quippy and witty

Painter’s writing style is one of our favorites in YA. In her debut, Better Than the Movies, Painter created witty characters in this comedy of errors. We couldn’t stop laughing at the antics and swooning from the romance. It’s the perfect light-hearted read.

Cancer: A bittersweet book that spoke to your sensitive heart

Every Day by David Levithan is a book we don’t talk about often, but had a big impact on us. It’s powerful and challenges the way you think. While this series doesn’t quite have a sad ending, it’s definitely bittersweet. The story has magical realism and sheds a light on contemporary social issues.

Leo: A book with drama, love, fancy wear and hope

The Selection trilogy is full of romance, drama, and ballgowns. A YA cult classic, The Selection tells the story of America Singer as she competes for the love of a handsome prince. But political divides and mean girls make this book dramatic. We recently reread the series for the first time in years and it didn’t disappoint.

Virgo: A tender story about self-love, self-discovery, perseverance, friendship, romance and family

Kasie West knows how to warm our hearts. We’ll always go back to On the Fence, a story that focuses on family, romance and Charlie’s self-discovery. She spends the summer learning more about herself, her dark family secrets and the boy next door. BRB, we need to go reread this adorable YA contemporary.

Libra: A book that has a remarkably frank look at life. One of the realest books you have ever read

Angie Thomas became a big name in YA practically overnight. Her debut book, The Hate U Give, provides a frank look at modern-day America. It’s very sad at times, but it also challenges readers to be better people. How we act matters and so does how we treat people. There is a problem with racism in the United States and it’s something we can’t ignore, especially when it comes to police brutality.

Scorpio: A book with a good plot twist. A book that is psychologically thrilling and emotionally chilling… haunted you from the first page to the last

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder absolutely wowed us with it’s twisty mystery. How could we not love Pippa Fitz-Amobi and her love of true crime? She gets herself in the middle of something much bigger than she ever anticipated. The other two books in the series only become more chilling.

Sagittarius: An adventurous, summer-y read

We’re back to another West book! Sunkissed is the perfect cute summer adventure. It’s set out a luxury campground and it’s all about letting go of fear and chasing your dreams. It’s perfect for people who want a summer off the grid and who love music.

Capricorn: A book that has everything to do with friendship

Remember this throwback? The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants started as a book series and eventually turned into two movies. It has everything to do with the strong friendship between four friends. As they spends a summer apart, they use a magical pair of pants to stay close.

Aquarius: A quirky and unique book

Jenn Bennett’s gives us all the cute and quirky reads. The Anatomical Shape of Heart is probably the quirkiest, which is about two people who meet by chance in the middle of the night in San Francisco. It’s not only cute though, it also talks about major issues, such as mental health and parental struggles.

Pisces: A book that bewitched and enchanted you by its lyrical words, and transmuted your imaginative brain

We loved what happened when John Green and David Levithan came together. Willy Grayson, Will Grayson follows two guys with the same name who meet in Chicago. It’s a beautiful, heart breaking and sweet story.

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  1. Ooh, I love historical fiction. These Violent Delights needs to be on my TBR. Especially after reading how you described it. I agree with you, Will Grayson, Will Grayson was a great match up of authors. Their voices blended together almost seamlessly. Great answers to this tag!!

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