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December 2022 Book Club: Christmas After All by Cece Louise

Happy December everyone! We can’t believe how fast 2022 has gone by, especially the past few months. While Bards Alley doesn’t hold December book club meetings because of the busy holiday season, we decided to share our most anticipated holiday read with all of you. Cece Louise is one of our favorite indie authors and we’re ecstatic to read her first contemporary romance.

The Book

Christmas After All released November 8, 2022.

Why did we pick this book?

We’ve read all of Louise’s other novels and we were so excited to receive an ARC for Christmas After All. We’re in the mood for a cute holiday romance to get us ready for Christmas. So far, the book has amazing reviews and the cute cover had us intrigued instantly.

What is this book about?

In this hate to love romance, Melissa Ellis and Tucker James have known each other for years. Back in high school, Melissa turned down Tucker’s very public prom proposal. What did Tucker do? He wrote a song about it. He became an overnight sensation and she became infamous. Now that Tucker is back in town, Melissa has to deal with the guy who ruined her reputation. Can these two get through the holiday season in this small town?

What other YA books has the author written?

Cece Louise started releasing books in 2019. Christmas After All is her first contemporary. Her other books are high fantasy and include Desperate Forest, The Jabberwocky Princess, Mazarine and In a Dark, Dark Wood.

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