The Most Anticipated YA Books of 2023

Happy almost New Year, everyone! We can’t believe that it’s almost 2023!

There are so many amazing YA books releasing in 2023. Below, you can find the top 20 books we’re most excited to read this upcoming year. We have high hopes for our picks. Let us know your most anticipated books for 2023 in the comments.

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Again, happy almost 2023 to all of our readers. Thank you to everyone who has read our blog this past year. It means a lot to us that our blog has grown so much over the course of 2022.

FYI: Not all covers have been revealed yet. We plan to update this post as soon as they become available.

1. Chain of Thorns by Cassandra Clare

We’ve waited almost two years to read Chain of Thorns. After Chain of Iron left us with some major cliffhangers, we’ve been wondering what’s going to happen next to James, Lucie, Cordelia, Matthew and the rest of The Merry Thieves. Thankfully, January 31st is almost here. We’re ecstatic to see how Clare ends this trilogy set in Edwardian London.

2. One of Us is Back by Karen McManus

One of Us is Back is the final books in the One of Us is Lying trilogy. It has been three years since One of Us is Next released, so it’s been a while see we’ve gotten updates from our favorite Bayview characters. From the description, it sounds like this is going to be the darkest book yet, which includes a disappearance and a new game. McManus revealed on Instagram that the POVs are Addy, Phoebe and Nate. Too bad we have to wait until July 25th.

3. Lying in the Deep by Diana Urban 

We loved Urban’s 2022 YA book, These Deadly Games, so we’re hoping for another thriller that keeps us on the edge of our seats. Lying in the Deep is set on cruise ship during a semester at sea. Jade is excited to visit 11 countries in four months, while also getting over the betrayal from her ex and best friend. But when both are also participating in the program, Jade becomes obsessed with revenge. The setting, mixed with the dark thriller, has us marking our calendars for May 2nd.

4. The Brothers Hawthorne by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

A few months ago we found out that the world of The Inheritance Games wasn’t ending with The Final Gambit. The Brothers Hawthorne is told from Grayson’s and Jameson’s points of view after the events of the original trilogy. The two brothers get involved in games on opposite sides of the world, which eventually brings in Xander, Nash and Avery. We’re excited for some character development for Grayson and Jameson and to see how their relationship evolves. Sadly, we’re waiting until August 29th for this book to release.

5. Borrow My Heart by Kasie West 

Kasie West is one of our favorite authors who writes some of the sweetest romances in YA. Borrow My Heart’s plot has already won us over with it’s fake dating trope. Wren is not the impulsive type, but after she overhears a guy getting made fun of for getting catfished, she pretends to be the mystery girl from online. Too bad Asher doesn’t know she’s not really her. This romance looks perfect for our summer reading list and we can’t wait to read it come June 13th.

6. Zodiac Academy 9 by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

We haven’t even started Zodiac Academy 8: Sorrow and Starlight yet. However, we’re already anticipating Zodiac Academy 9. Sadly, we don’t have a cover, release date or a description yet.

7. Betting on You by Lynn Painter

Lynn Painter won us over with Better Than the Movies and The Do-Over. Now, we’re waiting on the release of her third YA book, Betting on You, which is expected to publish in November. Bailey and Charlie meet on a ten hour flight and they don’t agree…on anything. Years later, they run into each other again and a lot has changed since the flight. We can’t wait for November.

8. Not Here to Stay Friends by Kaitlyn Hill

We were introduced to new author Kaitlyn Hill last year with her debut Love From Scratch. Not Here to Stay Friends is set in LA and follows childhood besties Sloane McKinney and Liam Daniels. Liam is spending the summer interning for a teen reality dating show and Sloane figures she can just hangout with him. But when she arrives on set, the show is one contestant short. Now she has competing feelings for Liam and Aspen Woods, the star of the show.

9. Hot Dutch Daydream by Kristy Boyce

Hot Dutch Daydream is the companion novel to Hot British Boyfriend. This story follows Sage Cunningham, as she spends her summer in Amsterdam the summer before starting college. All she has to do is work as an au pair to pay for the summer. Little did she know that the three year old she’s watching has a hot older brother. Enter Ryland: he’s the exact opposite of Sloane in ever way. The two strike a deal, which makes this summer even more interesting.

10. Sword Catcher by Cassandra Clare

After a whole year without a Cassandra Clare book, we’re ecstatic that she’s releasing two in 2023. Sword Catcher is our first non-shadowhunter book that we’ve read from Clare, so we’re not quite sure what to expect. All we know is that we plan on picking up Clare’s high fantasy debut when it releases on October 10th.

11. Picture Perfect Boyfriend by Becky Dean

Becky Dean’s second novel releases in May 2023! Picture Perfect Boyfriend follows two strangers on a tropical island. Kenzie wishes her parents would accept her photography dreams, but she knows that won’t happen. So one way to get them off her back is through “Jacob”, the fake boyfriend she made up. But when “Jacob” shows up to the airport in Hawaii, Kenzie is more confused than ever.

12. Reign (American Royals #4) by Katharine McGee

Okay, so the only details that we have are that the release is planned for August 2023. We’re still waiting on the specifics. However, we do know that this book will pick up where Rivals left off. At least we have this gorgeous cover!

13. Four Found Dead by Natalie D. Richards

Four Found Dead doesn’t release until May 2023, but we’re happy to report that we received an ARC. So you can expect our review sometime in early 2023. Jo is sad that it’s the her last night working at a closing movie theatre. But after the last showing, Jo and her co-workers can’t go home. Everything is locked up. Now Jo has to do whatever she can to survive the night.

14. So, This is Love by Tracy Andreen

So, This is Love is the sequel to So, This is Christmas. After an unexpected holiday season, Finley and Arthur are back in Connecticut for boarding school. After an amazing Christmas Eve kiss, are Finley and Arthur a couple? Being back at school makes things a lot more complicated. This book just released on December 20th, but we’re still counting it as 2023 release because we didn’t have time to read it before announcing the best books of 2022.

15. The Legacies by Jessica Goodman

While we’ve enjoyed Goodman’s previous YA releases, The Legacies might be our favorite yet. Set in New York City’s elite world, this book promises to a glitzy thriller. Set during the initiation of several students to the exclusive Legacy Club, nobody expected the most glamorous event of the season to take a dark turn. We’ve added this YA thriller to our TBR and we can’t wait for it’s release on July 25th. It gives us dark Gossip Girl vibes.

16. London Prep 8: The Club

We finished London Prep 7: The Choice this month and we’re already anticipating London Prep 8: The Club. Usually Dodd releases two books a year in this series, but we found out that we’re waiting until November. After a cliffhanger like that, we’re super disappointed. We can’t wait for the official cover and synopsis to release.

17. Live Your Best Lie by Jessie Weaver

Live Your Best Lie is one of our January releases, hitting shelves on January 24th. Summer Cartwright has everything. She’s an influencer with the perfectly curated image, she wears the best clothes, has great friends and attends an exclusive academy. But when Summer goes missing from her annual Halloween party, those closest to her receive a challenge. Find Summer before it’s too late.

18. French Kissing in New York by Anne-Sophie Jouhanneau

French Kissing in New York releases in a few days, January 3rd to be exact. Last year Margot met an American guy one night in Paris. Ever since, she can’t stop thinking about Zach. Fast forward one year and both Margot and Zach are in New York City. Margot enlists the help of her new friend Ben to find Zach. However, as she spends the summer in a new city, she questions if Zach was really her person.

19. Begin Again by Emma Lord

Guess what? We were lucky enough to receive an ARC for Begin Again, which we’re currently reading. It’s about Andie’s Freshman year at college at the hyper-competitive Blue Ridge State. It’s all about transition and deciding what type of life you want. It’s relatable for anyone who went off to college and struggled with balancing their old life with their new life. Luckily, this contemporary hit shelves on January 24th, so you won’t have to wait long.

20. Hometown Antihero series book 4 by Amber Lynn Natusch

So, we don’t have much news yet about the fourth installment of one of our favorite series. No cover, release date, description or even the official title. We’re just optimistic that this book is releasing in 2023 so we can solve this mystery once and for all with Kylene and swoon over Dawson. If you haven’t read Dare You to Lie yet, we highly recommend it.

21 thoughts on “The Most Anticipated YA Books of 2023”

  1. There are so many great books publishing in 2023 and I want to read more YA this year. I see several here I’m adding to my TBR including Lynn Painter’s newest (I enjoyed the Do-Over too)! Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year! I look forward to reading more of your posts in 2023.

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  2. These all sound like interesting reads. I have started reading the party crasher by Sophie Kinsella. I am making reading a daily habit and read a book over Christmas and really enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing.


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  3. I just got One of Us Is Next, and then I’ll for sure be looking forward to One of Us is Back. I think I need to start over with The Last Hours series. I waited too long before picking up the second book.

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