The Winter Wonderland Book Tag

We’ve seen many winter-themed book tags over the years and we thought it would be fun to create our own. When the weather outside is frightful, at least our books are delightful.

Check out our prompts and let us know if you’ve read any of the books on our list. Feel free to participate in The Winter Wonderland Book Tag, even if we didn’t tag you below.


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1. Look out the window, it’s snowing! Find a book with snow on the cover.

Whiteout is a recent YA short story collection set in Atlanta, Georgia during a huge holiday season snowstorm. We absolutely love this snow globe cover and can’t wait to read the book soon.

Whiteout is from the same team that wrote Blackout and promises to be a collection of adorable winter romances. We picked this book because it gives us major winter vibes. It also has some big names in YA behind it, including Angie Thomas and Nicola Yoon.

2. The fire is roaring in the fireplace. Pick a cozy read to enjoy by the warmth of the fire.

Tell Me Three Things is a sweet YA contemporary that we read years ago and would love to reread. The story follows Jessie, who moves to LA to be with her father and his new wife. Everything about LA feels off, especially her fancy private school.

But out of nowhere she gets an anonymous message from Someone/No one (SN), offering to help her. Suddenly, Jessie feels like she has someone she can trust and open up to. But will the connection last if they met in real life? Tell Me Three Things is the perfect book to enjoy by the fire.

3. Winter is a time for outdoor sports. Find a book the features a winter sport.

Icebreaker by Hannah Grace is on our TBR because it gives us major The Cutting Edge vibes. We also love any book with figure skating. Anastasia “Stassie” Allen is working hard to be part of Team USA, while Nathan Hawkins is a hockey player at the same rink.

When a misunderstanding occurs and the figure skater and hockey players have to share the ice, disaster strikes. Now Nathan and Stassie find themselves in an unpredictable situation. One where they have to come together, or both suffer.

4. Winter means the start of a new year. What is one book that is on your TBR list this year?

We’ve heard amazing things about The Atlas Six, a dark academia thriller following a secret society. The Alexandrian Society chooses six people every decade to join their ranks and protect lost knowledge from ancient civilizations.

The six people chosen this time must make it through a year-long initiation process and not everyone will make make it. Only the best can make it into The Alexandrian Society, but that kind of power and elite status comes with a price.

5. If you’re not careful, winter weather fun can cause frostbite. Pick one book that was a major disappointment.

Years ago, we really enjoyed the ABC Family series The Nine Lives of Chloe King and decided to read the book. This was one of the few instances that the show was better than the book. We couldn’t get into the story at all and found the main character to be super annoying. Which was disappointing because the show gave us high expectations.

6. But by going inside, you can find comfort in a warm beverage. What is your go-to comfort book that never fails to cheer you up?

Alex, Approximately will always be one of our all-time favorite YA contemporaries. It’s sweet, witty, romantic and creative. Bailey Rydell moves to central California to live with her dad, but she’s also wondering if she should meet up with Alex, the charming film geek she chats with online.

Bailey doesn’t like to jump into anything, so she spends her summer trying to find Alex, even though he has no idea she left the east coast. At the same time, she meets the hot (but seriously annoying) Porter Roth. Porter is such a jerk, but after the two spend time together, she realizes there’s a lot more to him.

How will Bailey react when she finds out that the two guys she’s crushing on are really the same person.

7. Winter comes to an end and spring emerges. Name a book that you want to read before springtime?

We recently received an ARC for This is the Way the World Ends and can’t wait to read it this winter season. The book is set during an elite Masquerade Ball put on by the Webber Academy in New York City. Waverly has been dreaming of attending this elite event for weeks. But everything changes when Waverly witnesses a murder at the ball.

Waverly wants to leave and tell someone what she witnessed. However, a blackout puts the event on lockdown, trapping her and everyone else with the culprits. Who is going to survive the long night? This thriller is advertised as perfect for fans of One of Us is Lying.

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25 thoughts on “The Winter Wonderland Book Tag”

  1. Such a fun tag! I really enjoyed Whiteout (though I personally loved Blackout even more) and I’m a massive fan of The Atlas Six. Bummer you didn’t enjoy Chloe King. I remember liking that one a lot prior to the show, but I’m curious how I’d feel about it as an adult haha. I remember being so sad they didn’t continue the show!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love reading book tags, and I love that this one is winter-themed! I haven’t read any of these books, but I’m intrigued by Whiteout. Also, it’s a shame that The Nine Lives of Chloe King was worse than the show.


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