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February 2023 Book Club: Live Your Best Lie by Jessie Weaver

The Book

Live Your Best Lie released January 24, 2023.

Why did we pick this book?

We’ve had Live Your Best Lie on our TBR for a few months and it just released. We were in the mood for a YA thriller with a creative storyline. Live Your Best Lie gave us Follow Me (The Amateurs #2) by Sara Shepard vibes, but written from the point of view of the missing person’s friends. It also feels like this book is even darker.

Even though it’s February, we love reading books set on Halloween. The fact that Live Your Best Lie is set during a Halloween party only makes us that much more excited to start reading the book.

If you’d like to join us, book club is on February 19, 2023. Email for the link.

What is this book about?

Summer Cartwright seemingly has the perfect life has an influencer. She has millions of followers, her career mapped out, a hot boyfriend and the best friends. What could possibly go wrong in her life?

At Summer’s annual Halloween party, she goes missing. Then a post on her socials says that Summer is going to be dead in five minutes. Summer’s friends know that she would never do this for a publicity stunt, so something is seriously wrong.

It’s up to to Summer’s best friend, ex-boyfriend, frenemy and wannabe copycat influencer to figure out the truth of what’s happening to her. Who would want to hurt Summer and does it it have anything to do with her seemingly perfect life? Live Your Best Lie promises to be twisty and surprising. And since it’s told from multiple POVs, we expect to not be able to trust everyone. FYI, we love an unreliable narrator.

What other YA books has the author written?

Live Your Best Lie is Jessie Weaver’s debut YA book.

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