Review: Hot Dutch Daydream by Kristy Boyce

*We received this book in exchange for an honest review.*

When we saw Hot Dutch Daydream on NetGalley, we knew we had to request it. It’s the companion book to Hot British Boyfriend, which we really enjoyed. In Hot British Boyfriend, Sage Cunningham was the studious and responsible one in her friend group. Now, she’s ready the be the main character as she spends her summer in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Sage is ecstatic to spend the summer with her mentor Dr. Reese in Amsterdam. She’s going to be assisting in a lab and she gets to attend a conference in Berlin, Germany. However, to get there, she agreed to be the nanny to Dr. Reese’s young son Deidrick.

Sage isn’t great with kids, but she’s willing to try to further her career. In the fall she starts college at Johns Hopkins, so she’s ready to make a name for her self in the medical field.

Too bad Sage didn’t anticipate Ryland, Dr. Reese’s other son from her first marriage. She never mentioned Ryland…who was supposed to be backpacking all summer. But he’s going to home and working on his art career. Too bad he’s a serious distraction.

Sage has never had feelings for anyone before. There’s just something about Ryland’s energy that makes her feel alive and exciting. Who knew Sage could get butterflies? But Sage and Ryland can’t act on these feelings since Dr. Reese forbid them for getting together. And Sage does not want to end up like her sister, who got pregnant in high school, thus putting off college.

However, Sage needs to learn how to let go and let people get to know her. Through a summer of fun in a city full of canals and an incredible art scene, Sage is determined not only to further her career, but also have fun. And Ryland is big part of that. It’s hard to stay away from the cute guy across the hall.

Hot Dutch Daydream was just what we need to read this month. First of all, it’s a romance book with a pink cover. Perfect for the month with Valentine’s Day. Also, we’ve been craving a travel book and Boyce did not disappoint. Some of our favorite scenes included the exploration of Amsterdam and Berlin.

Sage was a great main character and she had a lot of depth. We completely understood her ambition and why pressure from her family made it hard for her to open up. Her sister Wren got pregnant and now has a one year old named Maddie, which changed all over their lives.

BTW, we found Wren to be super annoying. Especially when she criticized Sage for leaving for the summer before going away to college, saying that she’s not getting to know her niece. This may sound harsh, but it’s not Sage’s responsibility. Wren choose to be a young mom and can’t expect Sage to be around constantly and pause her life.

Dr. Reese was also problematic at times. We really did like her and respected her career. She just put too much pressure on Sage and Ryland. She also dismissed Sage’s feelings because she is young. Just because Dr. Reese’s first marriage didn’t work out, does not mean Sage should avoid dating until after medical school. She can have a love life and a career.

As for Ryland, we adored him. He pushed Sage to try new things and made her summer unforgettable. We also loved to see him talk about his dreams for his art and how Sage helped start to make it a reality. He didn’t distract Sage, in fact, he encouraged and support her throughout the story.

They had a really sweet slow-burn romance in the book. Nothing happens between them in the first few weeks, which built up the tension.

If you read Hot British Boyfriend before this, you’ll be excited to get updates from Ellie and Dev, who are still together and spending the summer in DC. Ellie is Sage’s biggest cheerleader and encourages her to make things work with Ryland the whole time. It’s so fun seeing Ellie and Sage as best friends, who are total opposites. They really balance each other out.

Lastly, the scenes with Deidrick were pretty funny for anyone who has ever taken care of a kid before. Sage didn’t know what to do, but she adapted well and even learned to have fun with Deidrick. Of course, Ryland decided to help too.

The story was definitely more character driven than plot driven. The main point was for Sage to advance in her career, except she learned a lot more about a lot more than just lab work. She really reflected and learned how to make choices for herself.

Overall, if you’re looking for a European getaway romance, pick up Hot Dutch Daydream when it releases on April 18, 2023. Enjoy exploring this creative and artistic city with Sage and Ryland.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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