Review: Never Ever Getting Back Together by Sophie Gonzales

Maya Bailey never wanted to see her ex-boyfriend Jordy Miller ever again. But Jordy is now famous because his older sister married a prince. Too bad the world thinks he’s the perfect guy.

Skye Kaplan wonders what would have happened with Jordy if he hadn’t moved away. They had an amazing connection and she hasn’t met anyone like him since. She would be ecstatic to see him again.

Maya and Skye are surprised to be invited on a reality dating show called Second-Chance Romance, starring Jordy Miller. Jordy gets to date his ex-girlfriends on television and pick the one he wants to try again with. Skye jumps at the chance, but Maya wants to say no. Jordy hurt her when she found out he cheated on her with Skye and doesn’t want to face him again.

But then Maya gets an idea. This is the perfect opportunity to show the world how Jordy treats other people. Maya wants her revenge and then she can come home and get ready to start college at the University of Connecticut. It’ll be an interesting summer at least.

The six girls chosen for the show are flown out to a small country in Europe to compete for Jordy’s love and attention. Too bad for Maya, most of the girls seem to think Jordy is a wonderful person. Immediately, Skye and Maya don’t get along after Maya accuses Skye of being the other woman. Skye thinks Maya is crazy and tells most of the girls that Maya is delusional.

As filming gets started, Skye starts to question whether Jordy is really the great guy she thought she knew. One night when Maya and Skye really talk without the cameras, Maya pulls out her iPad that she snuck into filming and proves to Skye that Jordy cheated. She has all the messages to prove it.

Upset and embarrassed, Skye wants to make it up to Maya. The two decide to team up to take Jordy down by showing the world who he really is, but that means they both need to get to the finale. Jordy Miller is going down, but it won’t be easy with the crew trying to make him look like everyone’s dream guy and the other girls actually falling in love with him.

Never Ever Getting Back Together is a fun book for reality TV fans. Except instead of falling for Jordy, Maya and Skye fall for each other. We enjoyed the hate to love trope and how their relationship was slow-burn. Maya and Skye had great chemistry and it was fun watching them realize that they wanted to be together.

As individual characters, we connected with Maya faster than we connected with Skye. Skye seemed like a mean girl, so we wondered how she would change throughout the story. We’re happy to say that she got much better when she learned the truth about Jordy and apologized for not trusting Maya.

We definitely didn’t blame Maya for wanting revenge after what he put her through. Jordy destroyed her self-esteem, made her feel stupid and gaslit her. Most people would want revenge and to get a platform to tell their side of the story after that.

Jordy was an awful human so we didn’t feel bad for him at all. He didn’t have genuine feelings for any of the girls and used the show as a publicity stunt. It really annoyed us when he tried to portray Maya as crazy and jealous because he’s the one who cheated on her! It drove us crazy that it took some of the girls a while to see his real personality.

Speaking of the other girls, they were okay. We really liked Perrie, who was Maya’s best friend on the show. She was honest about what she wanted and didn’t want the drama. The other girls were annoying though and while they did get better, we wish they had more character development.

We found the plot to be an interesting concept. The show idea is great publicity for Jordy’s family, if it actually went well for him. Honestly, we probably would watch it if it were real. It brought us back to Clayton’s season of The Bachelor because after the way he treated Gabby and Rachel, people were joking online that they should just date each other.

As for the ending, we thought the last chapter was hilarious and a great way for the world to learn more about Jordy. All we’ll say is that Perrie is amazing! And were happy with how the romance was handled.

Overall, if you’re looking for a funny contemporary full of revenge, romance and reality TV, we recommend Never Ever Getting Back Together. This was the first book we’ve read from Gonzales and we’re excited to see more from her in the future.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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