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April 2023 Book Club: Queen Bee by Amalie Howard

The Book

Queen Bee releases on April 4, 2023.

Why did we pick this book?

Queen Bee is advertised as Bridgerton meets The Count of Monte Cristo. We love that the book is described as an anti-historical book set in London during the Regency Era. It’s full of scheming, revenge and society events. So imagine if Gossip Girl was set in the early 1800s and in London.

We’ve also seen that Queen Bee has amazing reviews so far, making us even more excited to read this historical fiction story. We’re always curious about creative twists on classic stories. If you’d like to join us, book club is on April 23, 2023. Email for the link.

What is this book about?

Lady Ela Dalvi is out for revenge. Years ago her former best friend Poppy betrayed her for a guy, which ruined Ela’s reputation in society. Ela is back and ready to disguise herself so she fits in with the high society women. She’s been planning her comeback and it’s finally the right time.

In the past three years, Poppy had climbed the social latter so Ela knows her only chance at getting close to her is to blend in to this world. But things are more complicated for Ela because she wasn’t planning on falling for the guy she used to love years ago. Ela questions what she wants more, revenge or love?

We’re so excited to read this modern take on The Count of Monte Cristo and how it relates to the societal expectations for women during this time period. It’ll help hold us over as we wait for the next season of Bridgerton.

What other YA books has the author written?

Howard wrote The Riven Chronicles series, The Alpha Goddess series, The Aquarathi series and The Cruentus series. She’s also written many adult books.

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