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Blog Tour: 15 Reactions While Reading Not Here to Stay Friends by Kaitlyn Hill

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Not Here to Stay Friends by Kaitlyn Hill

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Publishing Date: April 4, 2023

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This friends-to-lovers spin on The Bachelor follows two childhood besties reuniting to spend the summer in L.A. after five years apart—but when they both get involved with a teen reality dating show, their lives take an unexpected turn for the unreal.

Sloane McKinney feels like a background character in her own life. But this summer will be different, because she’s spending it with her childhood best friend, Liam Daniels, in her dream city, Los Angeles. Sure, she’s surprised to find that Liam just happens to have had a Hot Guy glow-up since she last saw him, but so what? A little attraction won’t ruin her plans for their fun—and completely platonic—reunion.

What might, however, is that Liam has been roped into working for his producer dad’s new teen reality dating show, Aspen Woods’s Future Leading Lady. Liam figures Sloane can still hang out with him on set while he fetches coffee for the film crew, or whatever it is that production assistants do. Except it turns out the show is one contestant short . . . and Sloane is the perfect last-minute addition.

Once cameras are rolling, the whirlwind of dating teen heartthrob Aspen Woods feels way more real than Sloane expected, and Liam doesn’t exactly enjoy watching it all unfold. But it’s behind the scenes where the drama really picks up. . . .

Because wanting to kiss your best friend? That’s a plot twist neither Sloane nor Liam ever saw coming.

15 Reactions While Reading Not Here to Stay Friends

1.  Sloane and Liam already have chemistry

Not Here to Stay Friends begins with Sloane arriving at the airport. She’s shocked to see that her best friend had a major glow-up recently, but she tries not to think about it. At the same time Liam can’t stop thinking about Sloane. They already have great chemistry and we’re excited to see what happens in their friends to lovers romance story.

2. Seriously, Mr. Daniels

Okay, so Liam’s dad is a major jerk and super controlling. He’s forcing his son to be a PA and now that one of the girls isn’t coming on the reality show, he asks Sloane to fill in. That’s a pretty big favor. Now she’s going to be spending her summer living on set instead of relaxing with her bestie.

3. Sloane and Aspen had an excellent meet cute

We didn’t expect for their to be an adorable and hilarious meet cute, but it happened. Just as Sloane is telling Liam that Aspen’s probably shallow, he comes by and has something witty to say. We absolutely love these types of scenes.

4. Aspen already likes Sloane

Or at least he wants the world to think he does. The show is just starting. It’s night one. Sloane is overwhelmed. But for some reason, Aspen seems into her. She’s not sure if she believes it or not though. She hardly knows the guy.

5. But is Sloane jealous of the attention Liam is getting?

Liam, is also on set night one, is helping the girls with their mics and they already want to flirt with him. Sloane is very annoyed by this, but she doesn’t want to admit why. Um, maybe because you’re in love with Liam?

6. It’s interesting how the dates are inspired by the show

All of the dates on this reality show are inspired by the drama series where Aspen Woods is the lead. It’s interesting, but also a little strange. It’s like you’re trying to recreate your favorite show in real life.

7. Well, Sloane isn’t impressed with Aspen

On the first group date, Sloane finds Aspen to be judgmental and disingenuous. But she’s reminded not to say too much to him or she’s going to get the villain edit. Sloane acknowledges this and reluctantly stays on the date. It’s clear that she won’t be falling for Hollywood’s biggest teen star.

8. Aspen wants help?

Okay, so we were a little surprised by this. Aspen finds Liam and wants help to win over Sloane. Liam doesn’t know what to do. Part of him hopes that Sloane likes him back. However, if Sloane has a chance with a guy like Aspen, should he help his best friend? He reluctantly says yes.

9. Love the idea of a culinary date

As fans of culinary TV shows, we found a culinary-themed date to be so much fun. Hill even referenced her debut YA book Love from Scratch. However, things get a little problematic when Sloane has an allergic reaction and needs to be rushed to the hospital. It’s not Aspen who is there when she wakes up. It’s Liam and he’s going to take her to his house for the night so she can recover.

10. Aww, we ship Liam and Sloane

The next day is so sweet. Sloane is still recovering and Liam spends the day with her. The cutest scene is when they’re watching movies in bed and end up falling asleep while cuddling. They can’t hide their feelings. Too bad the moment is interrupted by a surprise visitor.

11. Okay, Aspen is a total jerk

So, we’re getting close to the finale, where Aspen picks his new girlfriend. Aspen and Sloane are going on a date alone and we already know it’s going to be dramatic. Aspen thinks taking Sloane on a yacht is a great idea and then the two can swim in the ocean. But Sloane is afraid of swimming because of something that happened in her childhood. So when Aspen pushes Sloane into the ocean, things do not go well.

12. Sloane has a lot to figure out

Sloane is mad at everyone. Liam, Aspen and the rest of the crew. But now it’s time to figure out what she’s going to do next. Does she want to be with Liam? Should she quit the show? It’s time make some choices.

13. We’re happy that Sloane made some great friends

The best part of the show for Sloane is that she made some really great friends, who also realize that Aspen is a jerk. Through some surprise events, the girls learn that Aspen is playing all of them. It’s time to team up.

14. This is hilarious

Aspen is ready for his big night with the four contestants still vying for his heart. Only, they have something else planned. Something hilarious. Aspen is not happy, but it probably makes great television. It also leads to Liam and Sloane realizing what they want, even if it took them a while to admit it.

15. The epilogue is really cute

We found the epilogue to be adorable, even if we did want to see more of Liam and Sloane as a couple. We’re happy with how things happened and we ship them together.

It would be fun if Hill released a short story about Sloane getting into college and moving back to LA. We just want to know what happens next.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

About the Author and Links

Kaitlyn Hill is a writer, reader, and sweet tea enthusiast who believes that all the world is not, in fact, a stage, but a romance novel waiting to happen. She is the author of Love from Scratch and Not Hereto Stay Friends.

Kaitlyn has a BA in Sociology/Anthropology and German Studies, which means that she can tell you way too much about the Communist Manifesto in Karl Marx’s mother tongue. Before landing on writing, she worked in roles from city government intern in a small German town to Haunted Mansion Maid at Walt Disney World, and most recently, at her hometown public library.

Aside from books, Kaitlyn’s favorite things are giraffes, ABBA, and excessively long naps. She lives with her real life romance hero in Lexington, Kentucky.

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