Spring Book Tag

Since it’s finally spring and we’ve enjoyed reading outside again recently, we though it was time to create a seasonal book tag. We decided it would be fun to come up with our own spring book tag and ask fellow book bloggers to participate.

We’re not going to tag anyone right now. But we do encourage everyone to participate because we would love to read your answers. Check out our prompts and answers below. And if you decide to participate, don’t forget to tag us.

This blog post is all about our spring book tag!


  • Link back to the book tag creator
  • Answer all of the questions
  • Either tag others to join or encourage anyone to participate

1. Look outside, there are flowers everywhere. Pick a book with a flower on the cover.

We absolutely love the cover of The Lucky List by Rachel Lippincott. All of the flowers on the cover make the book the perfect read to enjoy during the warmer weather.

The story follows Emily when she finds a list of things to accomplish this summer and makes it her mission try each thing. The list allows Emily to get out of her comfort zone, fall in love and really start enjoying her life. If you’re looking for a sweet story about finding yourself, we recommend The Lucky List.

2. Enjoying the warmer days? Pick a book that’s perfect to read outside on a nice day.

We recently received an ARC of Picture-Perfect Boyfriend by Becky Dean and it looks like a great book to enjoy outdoors. The book follows Kenzie Reed on vacation in Hawaii with her family. Her parents don’t support her love of photography and want to control her future career aspirations.

To get them off her back in one area in her life, Kenzie makes up a boring boyfriend that they’d love. But when Kenzie gets to the airport in Hawaii, her fake boyfriend is there to greet her. But Kenzie made him up. A book with sunshine and beach time is the perfect outdoor read for us.

3. But it’s time for spring cleaning. Pick a book that you want to donate or a book you wouldn’t read again.

Better Together by Christine Riccio was a book we really wanted to love, but most of the characters were problematic and the plot was just Freaky Friday and The Parent Trap put together. It’s about sisters who meet at a summer retreat and haven’t seen each other in years.

We found everyone except for one of the sisters to be super annoying. Also, the magical realism elements of the book didn’t work. Because of these problems with the book, we wouldn’t read it again.

4. Spring is all about beginnings. Find a book with an adorable meet-cute.

The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West has our favorite meet-cute. Gia and Hayden meet in a school parking lot at Prom when Hayden is dropping off his younger sister. Gia’s college boyfriend Bradly just dumped her and now she’s desperate for a date. Enter Hayden.

This book is so cute and fun. It’s also one of our favorites from West, especially because Hayden is an incredible book boyfriend. Excuse us while we go read The Fill-In Boyfriend again.

5. The season is also perfect for outdoor sports. Do you have a favorite book featuring an outdoor sport?

Whatever Life Throws at You by Julie Cross is all about baseball. Annie’s life changes when her dad gets a job as a pitching coach for the Kansas City Royals. Suddenly, Annie is thrown into the world of baseball, which includes hot rookie pitcher Jason Brody.

Brody is the guy she shouldn’t fall for, but there’s a lot more to him than most people realize. The more time they spend together, the more Annie realizes she could fall for him. Whatever Life Throws at You is sweet, romantic and perfect for baseball lovers like us.

6. Spring is different for everyone. Which book makes you think of spring?

Better Than the Movies by Lynn Painter gives us major spring vibes, especially since it focuses on Prom. Liv Buxbaum is ecstatic when her childhood crush moves back. She makes it her mission for him to ask her to Prom. Too bad that means she needs help from Wes, her annoying neighbor.

Wes Bennett is not prince charming. But the more time Liz spends with him, the more she realizes that she might’ve misjudged him. Better Than the Movies is the romcom we all need in our lives.

7. Eventually spring is going to turn into summer. Which book is a spring must-read for you?

Lying in the Deep by Diana Urban is our most anticipated release this spring. This YA mystery releases on May 2, 2023 and we can’t wait to read it. Set on a cruise ship during a semester at sea, Jade thinks she’s escaped the people who ruined her life. Too bad she finds out that they both are part of the semester at sea as well.

But when people are winding up murdered on the ship, Jade knows she has a much bigger problem. With the help of her new friend, Jade needs to solve the mystery before anyone else gets hurt.

While we usually read a lot of thrillers and mysteries in the fall, this upcoming release with a cruise ship setting sounds perfect for spring.

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  1. I definitely need to look into some books to read this season. I love that there are seasonal books! I feel like The Lucky List is my vibe. Thanks for sharing!


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