Book Club

Every month we cohost a Young Adult Book Club with Bards Alley bookstore. We announce the book of the month at the beginning of each month. At the end of the month, expect to find our review. If you’d like to join or request more information, email

We want to hear feedback on books we’ve chosen. Visit our Contact Us page to give us your opinions of our picks or send us ideas for which book we should feature next month.

Below, you’ll find our book club picks from the past year.

July 2021: That Weekend

June 2021: Silence of Bones

May 2021: Realm Breaker

April 2021: These Violent Delights

March 2021: Down Comes the Night

February 2021: Influence

January 2021: The Cousins

December 2020: My True Love Gave to Me

November 2020: Kingdom of the Wicked

October 2020: The Voting Booth

September 2020: Most Likely

August 2020: A Song Below Water

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